Monday, 18 May 2009


hmm..basically, i just doing the same stuff everyday. but watching family outing [F.O] realllyy made my day. that show is hilarious!!! i laughed from the beginning until the end of the show!! if you bored and lonely, seriously, this show will make you very very happy. but, i dont know if you find out it's not. i guess we have different taste of funny.
just like malays said..rambut sama hitam, tapi hati lain2..hik3

okay, let's move on. i want to wish happy teacher's day to all my teachers out there. thank you for all your sacrifices and efforts and so much more. especially for teachers in sk jln gurney 1, sk agama dato keramat, smk agama kuala lumpur, and others. seriously, i appreciate it sooo much!!

by the way, thank you so much for those who gives me support (comments) in the previous post. i am soooo lucky to have friends like you guys..!! you guys are the best!!;)

ps; if you watch the link [FO] i made, i love the guest soo much, TOP!!

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