Monday, 30 May 2011



good day all! how's everyone? well, to me, it's complicated to say cause here in my home, i am officially become a housemaid, nurse..hurm what else? maybe that's it for now. 

okay, during this holiday, i am really really doing my work as a daughter. why nurse? because my mum just got back from hospital last Friday and I have to take care of her. i think it's time for me to give back a little part of everything that she already did to me. my mum's sacrifice to us (her children) is wayyy bigger than mine. 

maybe, that's enough or else, i will keep blabbering about all the house chores..haha.

as for btn, yeah i just got back from Meru and sincerely i learned many things from it. i mean, this year of 20 (i'm 20 now..aiyo so old!) has given me many chance to see and discover about people's thought and their passions. like it's name "kursus kenegaraan", you can predict what are the things that they want to inject in our mind. 

i mean, it's not that i'm against the government or what but i just cannot completely go with the input. the discussion is just like you're in a TOK class but in bias situation. sorry to say but i have my own mission that is to make everyone on this earth know about Allah and feel the love of Allah (including to build up my iman which is super tough!).

but anyway, this btn camp really opened up my mind where I met different people with different thoughts and that's when i know "whoa! we have tonnes of works to do, Bella!" 

discussing about this World is okay to me but not as a whole part of it. 

i don't know but when they say about their aim is to get this bla..bla..bla. i said it's absolutely true! but is that all?? think again.

to conclude, it was an awesome camp. I made a lot of friends especially non-muslims. before this in kmb, i didn't take a chance to get to know them but at there, there are a few people of non-muslim that i could bond to. i really like my group. they're funny and very nice people! i laughed all the way from the 2nd day until the last day in Meru. 

whoa, that's too much to write. i don't think anyone will put an effort to read this post..hik3. this post is just a reflection of one of the scenes in my life. nothing else, okay? it's just how i see things based on what i learned in my life. 

you're cool? if yes, you're positive people, man!

what a feeling!? huhu..

till i write again...peace be upon me and you. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011



is this picture enuff to tell how happy i am?? *wink3*
how's my blog? great, huh? haha. *nothing else to say, bella?!* anyway, can you detect with my tone of voice now (i mean not literally voice) but my tone of writing perhaps? haha

see, i feel like i'm talking nonsense right now but actually, i'm soooo happy!! happy plus grateful plus overwhelmed and you name it. yeah, that's what i feel when i'm officially an EX IB student. haha.*how many 'haha'..duh!*

the IB exam has ended for me but not for the business students. dont worry, tomorrow, they'll feel the same. it feels calm and happy like you just wanna smile and smile and keep doing it over and over again. 

the 2 years of IB student, i had learnt many things about life. hardship (almost..), pain, determination, friendship and especially a TRUE LOVE. 

i feel lucky as i learnt something which is really really important to me which is Him. KMB will be one of the places that i never forget. how can you forget a place that met you with your real happiness, right.?  

kmb equals to no ordinary place

it's not the place actually but it's the people and the knowledge that i gained there is extraordinary and most probably the precious one would be learning about MYSELF. cause i found who i am as a muslim and yet i dont know how is my ending as a muslim. i hope that every second that i learnt here will not be wasted in the future. amin...^_^

like what one of my friends said, "we have a lot of things to do!"

yes, what she said is absolutely true! 

this college is just a pit stop for my journey as a Muslim and a student. just like this World, a place to stay for a while to continue the quest to the final destination, the Hereafter. 

may Allah bless us everyday and teach everything with His touch. ^_^

Sunday, 15 May 2011


we were just finished our last usrah meeting 3 hours ago and how can i describe the feeling. sad, thankful. everything's mixed up. was a very enjoyable usrah and all of us are very close to each other. laugh together, eat together, talk together and the most powerful is we learn about Allah together. 

it's hard to find that strong-bond circle of people where everyone of us are completely different and somehow Allah made us complement to each other. even though the time that we spend is not that long but i found happiness and gratefulness for every single moment that Allah gave us. 

i will always miss the six of them and also my partners. you girls are so great and i cherished the things that we did together. may everyone of us get the benefits from this usrah in terms of the World and the Hereafter. may Allah grants our discussions and all the activities. 

let distance keeps us apart cause Allah and our Aqidah always make us our hearts closer and closer. all the best for everyone especially my partners, Umai who will be going to UK for dentistry and Adina who will going to further her medicine in Johor.

and to my 6 cute sisters, 
and Kausar  

.....may Allah guides all of you all the way in your journey of IB and life now and hereafter. apply what have you learn and understand. insyaAllah may Allah give the strength for all of you to continue the journey of every muslim in KMB.

and most importantly, is to thank Allah for everything that You bestowed me. All praises to Him for everything that He did. if it's not because of You, i'll never know about love, pain, determination and much more. it is a bless that You gave me and i pray that the bless will carry on until the Hereafter. 

O Allah, indeed, we are only seeking for Your pleasure. ^_^


Wednesday, 11 May 2011


assalamualaikum, people!

alhamdulillah, for this time being, 3 subjects down and 3 more to go which are biology, malay and economics. too many books to read now and i somehow not feel like to read  all academics books. pleasee just for a while. insyaAllah tonight (or tomorrow) i will get back to my books. currently choice of books? Return of The Pharaoh. just a little bit of that and then, hello again biology books!! (and malay..and econs...) huhu

okay people, stay strong and the most important stay close to Allah, alright?! insyaAllahu ta'ala..

work for the sake for Allah.! pray for me and muslims all around the world. 

jaaa ne!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011



peace to everyone! insyaAllah it'll be a short and brief post.

my IB exam countdown is showing 1 day, 13 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds for the exam...arghh!! is it happening? i cant believe it! now it's the time to take everything with us to face this exam. i dont know why but IB exam is really feels like facing SPM or even more challenging, of course.

like this one particular blogger said that try to google IB life and you'll found it easily! or you can even youtube it. i watched this particular video "twIBight" when i was in sem 1. wayyy scary..haha.

okay, what's more important is i want to wish all the best to all IB exam candidates May 2011 around the world, especially my batch (Batch Kita) year 2 students. insyaAllah we will going to make it!! IB 45!!

also, to my friends since kindergarten, elementary school and high school who are taking sem exam, good luck all!! may Allah help us all the way, okay?!

pray for me! and everyone too..bittaufiq wannajah ^_^

all of sudden, i'll remember a phrase from Tafsir Fi Zilalil Quran (In the Shade of AlQuran) by As-Syahid Syed Qutb talked about The Believers (orang2 yang beriman) in Surah Al-Mutaffifin;

"Victory will not be theirs as a personal reward. They will be given power as trustees appointed for the implementation of the Islamic way of life. They will be worthy trustees because neither were they promised nor did they look for any worldly gain. They pledged themselves truly to God at a time when they were unaware of any worldly benefit that may befall them except that they would win God’s pleasure."

or in malay translation...;

"..Allah menjadikan kemenangan itu amanah bukan kemenangan untuk mereka, tetapi untuk membolehkan mereka untuk memikul amanah Allah....Mereka benar- benar jujur kepada Allah sejak mereka tahu bahawa satu-satunya balasan untuk mereka ialah keredhaan Allah."

yes! the real victory is not IB but Allah's pleasure. IB exam is just one of the ways to make the path become closer to Allah. to make everyone knows about Allah. bear that in mind, bella.!

so, all the best to myself and friends. may Allah grants every single thing that we did now, before and after this. May Allah gives His help to us during the exam or in our whole life.