Friday, 29 January 2010

take a moment pleaseee!!


so, was your day?? nothing special..or it's your worst day ever..or the best of the best-est days that you had??

okay..move on. i had this video to show to all of you. seriously, you have to watch it!!! if you dont push the "play" had make a very terrible decision. you loss something which is really can make you smile and even make yourself really better.

i wish and hope everyone who visit this blog can watch this video.

you wanna know how i was feeling when first time i saw this video.? it touched my heart soooo much!! and it made my tears came out from my eyes. it really3 worth it to watch. and it keeps make me happy and thankful to be born as a muslim.

it's just need your heart and your mind put together in a place. open your eyes and your mind and your soul. please....insyaallah. allah will give us hidayah everytime. amin..^_^

Monday, 25 January 2010


i think i want to practice that style of face too..haha. just for the selfish person!!


i just finish my rollcall block...i wonder if the hostel in universities still have rollcall.? i dont know.. because rollcall to me, is very "high school thingy".hehe. anyhow, instead of that thing, i admit that rollcal had its own positive side. like... i know what is happening in my block.! and now, i want to share something which made me sooo mad and frustrated to some people in my block.

so, the story started when last week we (me and my blockmates) had severely blackout! and serious blackout ever was last night from 12 something till 2 a.m. in the morning.

yes, i knew what was the cause that this happening. overusage electricity of plugs in room. from the first day i came here, the wardens (that is sooo high school!) alrealdy told us that the plugs in the room just for laptop and charger and nothing else. but there was some people who are very2 selfish using all electrical appliances that they had in thier room. and you know what, beacuse of what they did, they already burn the wire (i think it's the main wire or something) and luckily the blackout prevented from the wire completely burnt. AND IF the wire is completely burnt..gosh! there's a fire in my block!! seriously..that was SCARY!!!

now, i learnt that just because of one's stupid act made everybody suffer!! just like the malays' peribahasa..kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga..(wahhh bersastera la pulak!!^^)

okay, back to the serious atmosphere please...

move on, so, from the rollcall that i just had, my block captain told that stupid kid or kids is from my floor..hey i think i knew who it is but nevermind i hope that this or these persons change their attitude..stop playing with the fire!! you're making us get into trouble or worst case scenario, maybe DEATH?!

so, reflect yourself.!! it's not about your electrical's about your selfishness!! again..SELFISHNESS!

i think that's all. let's try to think others instead of just thinking about yourself. we live in the same planet, rite?!

till then, jaa~~

Friday, 22 January 2010



it's almost, i dont know, maybe a week or more than that since i posted the last entry. what a tiring week!! college life is very tough! and what made me sad is today i cant go back home. so sad!! but nevermind it's for my own sake, especially my math.! it's like you're having a non-stop work for every second. every second there always had a job or work. it was seriously a chaotic week.! just now, when i back to my room, i spend 2 hours sleeping!!! what the ..... i guess i'm very exhausted cause after i woke up, i felt sooo fresh. even now, i feel that too.

so, the works can't stop coming towards me. it seems like work and me are un"separate"able.. and in this moment, i felt so sad as i felt like i didn't contact or sms with my old friends especially mimie. i'm soooo longing to speak to you!! congratz for your video..!! it seems like your days are getting interesting with all your YT friends. i'm sorry we can't talk like we used to be. and i know you feel the same too.

okay, i guess that just it. i'll improve my post because it keeps getting boring to read. frankly speaking, i dont have time to find pic and put it on.

see you next time. jaa~~

Wednesday, 13 January 2010



hari ni minggu ke-2 untuk 2nd semester. setakat ni, plan aku still on the right place.alhamdulillah takde aral melintang lagi..hehe. syukur. so far so good.

but one thing that bothers me a lot since last monday which is my homesick is increasing RAPIDLYYYY!!! aku tak tahu kenapa tapi serius aku homesick gilaaa!!! aku rindu kat family aku. aku jealous giler dengan member2 aku yang sedang bersuka hati kat rumah sekarang nih..wargghh...maybe orang lain akan kata, '"ek eleh baru bukak dah homesick. dahla rumah dekat."*dengan penuh menyampah* tapi aku tak dapat balik this weekend. ade program. so, tiap kali call mesti rasa macm nak balik rumah je. maybe sebab lama sangat kot duduk rumah. so far, aku takde la nangis meraung nak balik and fyi aku tak pernah pon, okay?!

it's just those feeling...

P/S aku nak letak gambar family aku tapi disebabkan lappy dah hantar kedai, so, no pictures now..huhu..~_~

so, this is another whine from a very homesick student..wasteful kan baca benda nih?! so, i can't do anything about it..sorry.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010!


nice to meet you..but for me, personally today is not a nice day..huhu. today is our first day of our 2nd semester and what made me sad is my result!! so, this whole week we just having exam review and u tell me who like exam review..?! just so you know, my grades are not okay!! seriously, NOT OKAY! the "how bad it is" is best can be pictured by "swearing words" but i dont need that words in my blog..hehe.

as i getting the papers i was really down..really3 wayyy's like i wanna commit think it was kind overacting but that's exactly the feeling. i dont wanna talk so much about this or else, i weep.

so, my reaction..? i think it's enough to whine about it. if i keep pressuring myself with this kind of result i think i'll never move forward. aku dah tak larat nak tension2 dah..with rain's voice in full house saying "aja2 hwaiting" playing in my mind, i'll try my very best to make good grades.!! insyaallah..

i dont want to feel sad anymore..with "aja2 fighting" spirit and when i looked at desktop background and my family picture on the shelf, it lifts me up!! i want to stay positive nowadays and i hope everyone can stay like that too..thank you friends for comforting me just now. if not, i will stay pressuring myself..thank you again!!

last but not least..aja2 fighting!!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010



berada dalam D210 sambil menghadap laptop aku.

membikin esei 1000 patah perkataan.

tajuk: bagaimana sastera dapat menyangkal pendapat menyatakan subjek sastera membosankan dan mengkhayalakan.

erm..tengok tajuk pon dah dapat agak keadaan aku sekarang ni. blur yang amat. tapi demi cikguku, aku buatla jugak..huhu.

mendengar lagu2 a.n.jell membuatkan aku teringat kat sorang ni. walaupun aku tahu berangan kat sorang ni tak berasas tapi aku tak kesah sebab aku rasa gembira. senyum sambil gelak2. at least it made me smile during this process of making this really "heavvyy" essay.

so..peace jang geun suk-shi!! ^_^

walaupon kawan aku aku dia tak cute tapi aku kata dia sangat cute sampai aku jadikan gambar dia desktop background..haha.

till then..jaa~

Monday, 4 January 2010


this is the 2nd post for today. ahh~ it felt so good that i already finished watching minami sineyo and full house. although it kind of sad to watch taekyung and minam without sound but it's okay.

but now, at this particular time, i keep sighing as i kept thinking about tomorrow i've to go back to my college. studying and working hard like usual. erm..its kind of bored to think of but this type of sigh always come every time.

i wonder how my 2nd semester is?? i kept thinking as i felt my self-esteem became low and low and low..just like that. i can feel my confidence keep decreasing when i'm thinking about the others, i mean my classmates and everyone in my college. i kind of sure how is my result and i have no regret about it. as my friends was praying, doing qiam and all that to get good marks for the sem 1 exam result, i just follow the flow doing no effort at all. anyway, it's just my THOUGHT but i'm sure there must be someone who did that, rite?

i wonder if i got enter any club because before this i was interested to enter this particular club but after going thru the interview i didn't make it..hehe. too bad. so, this kind of experience still make me low sometimes.

oh well, what i was thinking? i'm not sure. just making thoughts and keep lowering myself, i guess. actually, i'm writing just because i felt it. it makes me feel better everytime i finished writing in this blog. but i dont know whether it helps me solve the problem or not. haha. *see my laugh also is not pure*

okie dokie.. i guess that's all my crap. for those who read this post and now saying "this post is wasting my time, my eyes or whatsoever", i say i'm sorry. and thank you for reading.^^

till my next post...jaa ne~



fnally, dapat jugak aku update blog nih..!muahahaha. anyway, thanks again for those who follow my blog yang tak seberapa nih. arigato na~^^

anyway, for those who congratz to my bro, thanx very much!!

okay, disebabkan sudah berapa lama tak update and tak menulis. so, dengan kemudahan laptop office ayah aku plus semangat yang membara serta keinginan untuk online yg melampau, aku akan bercerita sebanyak yg mungkin. recommendedly for those yang takde masa, sila beralih pada page yang lain. this is a SUGGESSTION! but anyhow, aku nak cerita sekarang.

okeyh, sekarang ni ke-addict-an aku terhadap drama2 korea sangatla mendadak. mana taknya, dari hari jumaat, aku layan cerita full house (walaupon dah masuk kali ke-3 aku tengok cerita nih) sampaila hari ni. satu hari 4 episod! hik3. lepas tu, dengan ringtone call and message aku semuanya lagu a.n.jell. haih, mana tak addictnye~~ tapi, seriously, korean dramas play important role in my life. lightens my day and lifts me up. okay, memang nampak macam mengarut tapi itulah hakikat.

so, u know what, last sunday i think, i'm not sure, kitorang 1 family tengok avatar. best ssangat cerita itu. jake sully hot kot lepas dia shave pastu dia buat rambut cacak..haha. but, the main thing is 1 family aku dah addict dengan na'vi tu. tak habis2 toruk maktou (the last shadow rider) la, omiticaya la macam2 la adik aku tu..ayah aku pun 2 x 5 je..hehe. but, anyway, memang enjoy habis la. aku baru je borak dengan kawan aku pasal cerita tu. aku cakap aku tak boleh tinggal kat pandora, aku gayat orangnya..haha.

close that story, move on to hospital attachment (H.A) pulak.. at first, me and my friends thought it was going to be a severely boring H.A. yup, it was boring at first day but it turned out so well in 2nd and 3rd. enjoy giler weyh!! 2nd day, we were standing in the labour room watching moms screaming painfully to deliver their baby. so, what i was thinking at that particular time, god! it was horror!!! i just want to see the patient's face only. and u know what the staff nurse said, "jangan tengok muka patient, tengok bawah (it means where the baby came out, u know it rite?!) " technically, it was scarier than watching horror movies, TOTALLY!
so, please people apologise to your mom if you're doing wrong with her, NOW!!

3rd day,we got a chance to watch a post-mortem (bedah siasat mayat). it is a police case. i think the girl is raped. poor her. i watched they took semen sample and cut her skin (bruises) to find out the cause of death. of course the police were there snapping pictures and everything just like in the CSI. her face was terribly injured. memang dah tak nampak muka mayat tu. nampak darah je all over her face. the world is so mean. i mean the people now. they like to think every single thing in a BLUE way (u know what i mean). i think the media really plays a BIG ROLE in making that kind of thinking, rite? even some of us (muslim) who already knew why we were here in this "short term world" practised that kind of way of thinking. please i strictly HATE IT! and nauzubillah..

so, i think that's all. tomorrow, i will go back to my college. starting a new semester with a new year and hopefully a new spirit.

aja2 fighting!! kerja keras all the way~!!

till then, jaa~