Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt

I get really impressed with the Sahabahs while watching this video. Seriously, these people are just so great that they are just normal people with great personality!

This video potreys Bilal ibn Rabah as UNBREAKABLE. Whatever situation that Umayyah ibn Khalaf put him into, he survived. He got tortured by his master, he got spitted, he got humiliated and he was being dragged all over the place with a dog collar on his neck. Even Umayyah himself tired not knowing what else he has to do to make Bilal giver up his faith.

This reflects me a lot upon us, upon me especially. Like how breakable we are, how unfit we are as a daie and murabbi. We feel so tired and fatigue just after we settled a few things. Almukminu qawiy khairu minal mukminu dha'if. That unbreakable part really lacks in ourselves. You got so tired quickly that you can actually done a few things in a long time. How inefficient we are, right? That tiredness makes us so easily stressful and being emotional. This happens to me many times and it just seems so sad that actually we can settle many things in one day but due to our fitness, things have to be hold on and hanging unsettled. You know Jahilyyah moves so fast, but us, so slow that answers why is it we still did not see the light in the end of the dark tunnel.


Okay, back to the story of Bilal. Actually Abu Bakr set Bilal free after he knew that Umayyah asked many servants to lift up a massive big stone and put it on Bilal's chest. I don't know if you can imagine but it's like the most climax of the torture that Bilal received. Abu Bakr paid Bilal with a high price and (bad) people in Makkah said that Abu Bakr paid with that amount of money just because he wanted to show off to people how rich he was. You can check out the story in the video. The most amazing part and the best part is when Allah sent down an ayat to back up what Abu Bakr did.

"But (he gave his wealth in charity) only to seek the Countenance of his Lord, the Most High." 92:20

Seriously, Allah defends Abu Bakr by revealing it on the best book ever that is read by people all around the World and all the time. This is Allah who defends him not any John who live next door, you get me? Such an amazing person Abu Bakr is. He must be something more special than us to Allah. It just got me thinking actually who are we in the eyes of Allah? *sobs*

Alright then. That's all I want to share with you guys, my reader. Take care. Next week's a new semester for this year and me as a third year student. May Allah ease all of you. Jazakumullahu khayr for reading.