Monday, 28 February 2011



first, let us be thankful to Allah for His love and care that always keep us stay in the road, learning and knowing Him.


i dont know why but now, i just feel like writing.

okay, let me just sharing about one surah with you guys that I learnt yesterday. the 88th surah in Alquran, AL-GHASHIYYAH or in english, it means Overwhelming event. it's another name of HARI KIAMAT (sorry, i dont know hari kiamat in english..pardon me).

okay, just three ayat to point out....

"Some faces (the non-believers), on that Day, shall be downcast,"

"Labouring hard and worn out,"

"They will be burnt by a scorching Fire,-"

from the ayat, we can see those people who are working really, really, really hard in this very WORLD but at last, they suffer in Hell. why is it so? doesn't it oppose to the idea that whoever put the efforts won the game? is Allah tries to say that we dont have to work hard?


according to Fi Zilalil Quran, those people are the ones that working hard but they do it not with the intention "lillahitaala" (because of Allah). they get the result in the Dunya but not in Akhirat where all those efforts are meaningless if we do it just because of ourselves.

so, readers, think back! are we do it because of Allah? am I studying because of Allah?? if not, we have to change our niat. it did matters in Akhirat later as we know it is a BRAINLESS act if we work not because of Him.

in fact, He is the one who gave the tools and make it easy for us to work. hands, eyes, mouth..etc. who gave this to us?? oppss, it's doesnt even belongs to US, it's belongs to Allah and He just lend it to us, so that we can do it everything because of Him.

sooo,, really, everyone has to think back again.

we dont want to be a very stupid things, right?

that's all I think. insyaAllah..^_^

Wednesday, 2 February 2011



alhamdulillah i already got back here in cheras, my hometown. i dont know what to say, happy plus sad?

but first, try to listen to Ar-Rahman mp3. i dont know why but every reading of Ar-Rahman that I heard ever since i was in my secondary school, the reading always made me feel sad or i could say, feel like crying. just hear the reading already made me feel like crying, not even with the translation.

every morning, the reading always playing in my head from KMB's musolla. every morning, when i heard i feel like how ungrateful i was as a servant of Allah. waking up every morning, i always forget about the meaning of wake up du'a.

to be grateful, is what I strive for. to be grateful, is something which is not easy. it takes a single moment that you have to sit with yourself and think of what you've done and link it with Allah. the main thing is have you say thank you to Allah?? have you use your gift of life to the true-est purpose of life??

what i can do is....i just can cry when i realized i havent do all the musahabah session.

O Allah, i ask for forgiveness for all the stupid things that i did! i am a very weak servant and only You could give the strength and hidayah.

(i was uneasy when i wrote this..) 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011



dah lama giler tak update blog.
sejak hari sabtu lepas, aku memang risau gila dgn member2 aku kat egypt sana. alhamdulillah tadi berkat rm7 kredit aku dapat cakap dgn ain halil selama 3 minit lebih. (habis da kedit..-.-

ain, nadia, bie, natrah kat malaysian hall. diorang kata keadaan teruk kat sana. tidur malam2 dengar bunyi pistol. amal, halwa, nasuha kat rumah kl. ain tak tau keadaan diorang. nazer pulak mak dia yang aturkan flight tu. 

setakat ni, diorang semua okey. jadi, aku lega sangat dengar suara ain dengan bie tadi. tapi ni kat kaherah (cairo). yang alex tak tau lagi. hasif pon tak update twitter dia, so boleh tahula dia still kat egypt, tak balik malaysia lagi.

so, insyaAllah doakan yang terbaik untuk sahabat2 kita. islam itu mengajar kita yang bukan sahaja malaysian itu saudara kita. in fact, arab muslim kat egypt pon saudara kita. kalau kita rasa risau dengan saudara palestin kita, jadi kita patut risau dengan saudara mesir kita. 

sebab persaudaraan kita itu adalah based on ISLAM. based on AQIDAH. tali ikatan kita dengan Allah dan semakin kuat tali kita dengan Allah, semakin kuat sensitiviti kita terhadap MUSLIM.

Ya Allah, selamatkan saudara2ku di sana. berikan penghujung yang baik buat kami semua. berikanlah kemenangan kepada agamaMu, ya Allah. 

(apa yang berlaku itu ada hikmah dan mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh Allah)

barakalluhi fikum! ^_^