Friday, 1 May 2009


assalamualaikum...'s been a while since i posted last entry..
after a lot patience had been used for past days, finally i had a good day! fyi, i got great result for upu. plus it is my first choice. so, i'm reallllyyy relieved. at last, i found my decision. if i didnt get the scholarship, UTM will be the next destination. i hope i can have a great years there! seriously! without my high school friends, i will feel lonely. you know what, i am the one who cant survive without friends (poor me). no lies there...totally!

so..everybody are going to different place. so, we are going to meet new things, new experience, new friends, i dont know..maybe new bf?! (haha.;) we are not going to meet our friends everyday! so, let face it,friends!! i hope we all can achieve our dreams!!(dreaming..;)

tell me which u do you get..please i'm begging you!
last but not least..friendship forever!!;)


...cintajihad... said...


tahniah bella!!

kalo ade rezeki ketemu di UTM yah..

tp aku doakan ko dpt scholarship tw!..

Anonymous said...

oh really?congrats love.
ak dpt uia la bella.
so ko x g matriks la ni>?

silentdreamer said...

nazurah>>insyaallah..mnx2 la dpt mara tp kalo x dpt pon xpe..dpt ko jmpe!

ain>>thnk u!!ak x g mtrx kot..

Anonymous said...

have faith !
bella mesti boleh dapat mara punya !

silentdreamer said...

diana>> insyaallah!! thanks dear!;)

Anonymous said...

good for you : you got your first choice

may you always be flooded with happiness

silentdreamer said...

adibah>>thanks diba..!;)

mimie said...

rinduu bella

silentdreamer said...

rnduu mimie jugak!!;)