Wednesday, 28 April 2010



apa yang hati aku nak kata....

bila kita tahu sesuatu itu dan kita ingin merasainya, tetapi, bila kita cuba kita tak dapat merasainya. perit sungguh rasanya...arghhh~

semua benda berlaku kat dunia adalah atas izin Allah. sekarang, aku tahu kenapa benda ini berlaku. untuk aku ingat kembali apa yang aku dah buat. fikir.fikir.fikir.

44.444.3.88.7 7777.33.666.777.2.66.4 444.8.88 ^_~

all the best untuk semua yang akan periksa, tengah periksa, dan sewaktu dengannya. bitaufiq wannajah. aja2 fighting~~!!

here we go...!

" ....DIA mengetahui apa yang ada di hadapan mereka dan apa yang ada di belakang, dan mereka tidak mengetahui sesuatu apa pun tentang ilmu-NYA melainkan apa yang DIA kehendaki..." 2:255   

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


how's your day? hopefully, it's good! because for me, at first, it was a great day. but when it is getting darker, i mean, when the day started to change into night, it is FRUSTRATING!!

this evening, i'm so happy to spend time with my friends, eat (haha), make a card,etc. but, tonight, as usual, there was meeting. i dont want to say about meeting but the scene that I saw after the meeting, on the way back to my hostel IS A VERY UPSET ONE! it made me angry plus very sad. 

hati aku tak tenteram. aku sedih sangat. punyalah orang memikirkan solusi, apa yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya, which is made me feel like wanna give up. but i know, to do this type of work I have to be strong physically and mentally. rasa macam nak cekik orang yang tak paham2 nih.

cukuplah benda yang berlaku membuatkan orang marah, orang menangis, walaupun orang tu takde kena mengena dengan benda ni. cukuplah. please...jangan ikut nafsu sendiri. please peka dengan persekitaran. please fikir ALLAH itu berada di mana2. bukannya ALLAH tak nampak dalam gelap pekat malam tu. ALLAH itu MAHA MELIHAT.

anyway, aku sangat marah. emosi lebih. but i dont care, i just mad.

" jika Allah menolong kamu, maka tidak ada dapat mengalahkanmu, tetapi jika Allah membiarkan kamu (tidak memberikan pertolongan), maka siapa yang dapat menolongmu selepas itu? Kerana itu, hendaklah orang - orang mukmin bertawakal " 3:160


Saturday, 24 April 2010


i just got back from my old school, smkakl. we went there because of hari anugerah cemerlang. my bro is the one who got on the stage for his pmr result. i've to speak in english cause next week oral is waiting for me and my fellow classmates. i'll try my best to make sure that i'll get the same score like previous sem or even better, insyaallah. gudluck for my teammates too (put,fiza and mirul).

okay, back to the topic. as i was touring my school, walking here and there like a lost person made me feel like "owwwwhhh, i miss my high school moments! i want it happens back!!" the atmosphere, the surroundings (even there's a lot of changes that the school made) really keep myself imagining the moment with my high school girls.

it feels like just yesterday i came back from netball training.
it feels like yesterday i was walking with my other handball teammates along the labs swearing the guys for taking our court to play just because of their futsal (ughhh please..i still hate it anyway..hik3).

okay, stop it! wake up you're 19 already. i dont know why but i found 19 and next year will be 20, i mean my age is in the form "two-something", wooohhhwww that IS old!! haha. i think all of my friends thought about that, rite?

anyhow, i met adibah there!!! i was veryyy happy. once i saw her, i just called her and hugged her. haha. sorry my dear. it was an involutary action.!!

till then, salam. have a nice weekend, people!! ^_^ 

dieba...kenapa berkerut tu?? adek aku tak bersalah..*hik3
my mother, my sister and my brother *sekarang adek aku pulak yg berkerut.hee*
dieba yg kiut and entah sape entah..muke mcm hape jehh minah ungu tu!

Friday, 23 April 2010



alhamdulillah today i felt like very pleased. so calm. maybe because this week was a very hectic week. yeah, it was!! spending all day long until night just to do work not my homework or revision really made me feel worried all time. stressing myself in order to keep me to finish the work. haha. adoi~~ that was it. 

today, i'll return back to my sweet home. i miss u my home!! especially my family. but, my father is not here in kl. he's in perlis my kampong visiting my relative, tok lang wahab, who just passed away couple days ago. innalillah. i dont know but i heard a lot about people passed away. alhamdulillah ALLAH still want us to keep thinking about death which is for muslim, death is not something to be scared of. death is a way for us to redeem what we were doing during our life in the world. all the hardworks pays in the hereafter. insyaALLAH, we start to improve ourselves find the happiness there. the true happiness. 

" orang yang paling bijak ialah orang selalu mengingati mati"


okay, let's move on. now, everybody in kmb is in the mood of study. what else, EE, worldlit, G4 and much more. the year two students are busy to prepare for their last exam to determine whether they could fly or not. meanwhile, me and my batch, the year ones are busy to struggle sem 2 exam to determine our placement (country). like me, non-medic student, in order to get UK, i've to compete with other non-medic which are biotech and engineering students. in a simple way to say, only top 20 can futher study in UK. or else, choose another country. my choice? 

1. UK
2. NZ 
3. AUS
4. CAN

i dont mind to study anywhere but if i have a chance, manchester will be the place. even NZ is nice what?! very beautiful place to live. i already had the list of universities for every country and its course. just the chance that i'm trying to grab. make a lot of effort and doing it because of ALLAH, insyaallah we'll strive for success! very semangat sekarang nih..hehe. because once my friend said, 

" berusahalah..kerana usaha itu milik kita. result semuanya dah ada pada ALLAH. ALLAH ingin melihat sejauh mana usaha kita dan sejauh mana kita bergantung padaNYA. " 

erm..i think that's all. okeyh..salam.^_^ 

Monday, 19 April 2010



hi, everyone! i am so sad rite now..seeing everyone happy as they got their own present made me sooo heartbreaking. it's not jealousy but it's about why did I get this. yup, i admit i was imagining it quite high. but hey, it's not my fault. it's my pal mistake to tell me that it is special. nevermind, at least my pal gave me something, rite?! than gave nothing. that's waayyy down deeper cuts my heart.huhu.

seeing that everyone get their own sweet memories with their own pal made it reallly worse. how unlucky am i, kan?? ughhh~~

i dont want to talk anymore. just hey there delilah can cure my soul. it soothe with the mood, i guess?! so, lastly, i learnt determination is not to someone you dont know, but it's for something that you really know and you go for it!!

okay, that's enough. yesterday, i got wanie's presents which are;

a very sweet loleepppop~~~!!
a verryy cuttteee card with a bear on top it!!<3
and lastly,,,meeet my my new couselor, JEP! he's the first to hear this problem from me..haha. but, this is not from wanie. this is from my classmate. we did swap-present-thingy and i got this!!

u know, jep. my face is just like you rite now..very steamy eyes with no smile...~

Sunday, 18 April 2010



a very pleasure to write another post with a great mood!

today is the best day for this whole weekend. i mean the best-est!!

we're having a farewell party for our class. playing bowling together. laughing each other. support everyone. cheer anyone. that's just soooo sweet.!

i dont know but playing bowling made me miss my family a lot. i was reminiscing when i was spending time together with ayah, mama, angah, jia in the bowling centre. imagine back when ayah was trying to help jia to throw the ball with a weight that jia cannot lift it. when angah was trying soo hard to get strike. imagine my mom's face after she can't get strike or spare made me longing for them very3 much!! awwwhhhh...i'm homesick with a very high degreeness of homesick!!

insyaallah they will be safe and sound during their flight from jakarta to kl. amin...!

one thing for sure, all the things happen today made me feel so grateful to live in this earth, in this era, in this place, in this family. to have such great true friends. thank you so much, friends!! for making my happy days. spending time with all of you made me feel calm and forget my homesickness for a while. i'm sure you felt that way too. ^_^

thank you, YA ALLAH! alhamdulillah for giving me such a great life to live. to have such great people so that i can know YOU better. so that i can feel your LOVE, feel your FORGIVENESS. and much more. alhamdulillahh..YOU give me soo much happiness until now. abundance of nikmat that i cant return it back if i have to. thank you ya ALLAH!!!


"......sungguh, ALLAH maha pengampun maha penyayang." 4:23

Saturday, 17 April 2010!!


today is a nice day.! spending time with my classmates. doing math SL with leeya, put, fiza, nana, huzai and izhar is like watching a sitcom. really funny. laugh till die, i guess?! haha.

so hilarrioous la u guys!

okay, just wanna tell you that i cant wait for tomorrow. please do pray that everything will be fine and go well. please ya ALLAH. all we can do is just planning, it's on YOU to decide whether it happens or not. everything is well-planned. insyaallah, it'll turn out soo welll..amin!^_^

so, since i'm in a veryyy gooodd mood, i wanna share some pics! hik3
have fun la ye..*wink*

haiyak??? darah siapa ini? hehe. group b positive. 
pesanan penaja :

waktu ni aku, wanie, aishah baru balik dari labour room. tengok orang bersalin for real. time tu, first time tengok. perghh..dahsyat!
pesanan penaja: SAYANGILAH IBU ANDA!!

beriang-ria bersama handset aishah di loker room HKL.
loker room pon jadila..janji take pics..haha^_^

till then,, buh-bye!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010!!


this entry is just a tazkiraah for me and also all of u, my dear readers.
but, basically, it's for me.

lagi 4 minggu nak final sem 2 nih..tapi aku masih terkapai2 dalam study. senang cerita, aku tak ready lagi untuk exam. adoii..tak boleh macam ni la. aku risau sangat. insyaallah aku akan start untuk cari masa supaya aku sempat belajar untuk sem 1 and sem 2. aku risau sangat2. aku tak nak kecewakan mama, ayah, semua orang especially DIRI AKU SENDIRI. bak kata seniorku, "jangan jadi fitnah kepada agama". ya, insyaallah saya pegang kata2 akak.! fitnah agama..tu yang saya paling risau. di mana mereka melihat seorang muslim itu tidak berjaya dalam study disebabkan peranan muslim itu sendiri. 

"kuliah itu ambik masa study la..."
"ceramah agama pon sama..."
"solat jemaah makan masa.."

memang. dulu aku pon pernah mempunyai fikiran macam tu. actually, aku tersentuh dengan artikel ust hasrizal dalam majalah solusi. dia tulis, macamana kita boleh cipta banyak alasan untuk ibadat kita. sedangkan kita tak pernah mencipta alasan kalau kita nak buang air besar ke nak buang apa2 je la. walaupon, di tengah2 semak, kita pasti sanggup nak buang kat semak2 tu. walaupon takde air, tapi kita sanggup. walaupon banyak alasan yang boleh dicipta untuk tidak menqada'kan hajat tu, tapi kita masih nak melaksanakannya.

yup, back to the main point here. bella, kau kena kerja kuat. kena usaha banyak2. bak kata makcik aku kat pulau pinang tu, "pulun na, nabilah!" insyaallah, aku cuba sedaya upaya. kerana aku percaya Allah hanya melihat usaha kita. keputusan exam tu lain cerita. itu dah lama ditetapkan oleh Allah. Allah hendak melihat sejauh mana usaha kita. insyaallah, aku akan lebih bersemangat. BELLA BOLEH! (woohhh, giler2..haha) 

lastly, apa yang penting bella, buat apa yang kau dah plan nih.! cakap serupa bikin.! action speaks louder than words.! 

"wahai orang2 yang beriman! mengapa kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan?" 61:2

"itu sangatlah dibenci di sisi Allah jika kamu mengatakan apa2 yang tidak kamu kerjakan" 61:3

come on bella! aja2 hwaiting!! ^_^

Tuesday, 13 April 2010



pukul 9.13 malam. aku masih berada di surau blok. entah kenapa, aku rasa macam nak lepak kat sini. mungkin sebab aku tak sedap hati kot. aku pon ambikla lappy aku bawak datang surau blok. fyi, surau blok aku seberang bilik aku je. tingkat yang sama.

minggu ni, tak tahula kenapa, tapi, aku rasa sangat kering hati aku. jiwa aku kosong. tak basah pon. aku tak suka. benda ni buat aku rasa susah hati. aku tak rasa hati aku ni basah. sejak balik dari kem jpam last weekend, memang aku jauh dari "pinky" aku. bawak je tapi tak sempat baca.

1 hari ni, aku susah hati. tak selesa. rasa kosong. panas la. ngantokla. peenatla. macam2 aku mengomel. tadi, waktu 'coolsem' pon, hati aku tak terbuka sangat nak mendengar. aku sibuk melayan majalah solusi dengan novel saidina umar member aku punya, chalim. aku rasa aku jauh. ahhhhh aku tak suka perasaan ni. 

ye. aku mengaku semua ini benar belaka.

lepas aku solat isyak. aku dah kata dengan diri aku, nak baca "pinky" jap. then, ada something which is kalau ikutkan keadaan boleh jadi aku takkan baca pinky. tapi, bila aku keluar dari surau, aku nampak tulisan kat whiteboard, tempat kitorang suka conteng2 ayat alquran. 

"Dan tepatilah janji dengan Allah apabila kamu berjanji dan janganlah kamu melanggar sumpah setelah diikrarkan, sedang kamu telah menjadikan Allah sebagai saksimu. sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui apa yang kamu perbuat"

so, lepas dah habis tu, aku pon balik ke surau baca pinkyku yang dah lama aku tak sentuh (teruknya aku!!!) then, sedang aku baca maknanya, aku jumpa satu ayat nih...

" .........sesungguhnya Allah selalu menjaga dan mengawasimu" 4:1

awww...terharu. sebab selama ni aku pikir bila aku jauh dariNYA, bila hati aku kering, Allah takkan pandang aku dah. tapi, aku lupa Allah itu Maha Penyayang, Maha Pengasih, Allah itu sangat sayangkan hambanya. kenapa aku teruk sangat sampai boleh melupakan Allah yang sangat menyayang aku. whyyyy??

tak ke teruk aku nih..! pengajaran buat aku dan kita bersama. before this, aku asyik memikirkan benda2 yang memenatkan otak aku and aku tak tahula aku niat kerana Allah atau tak. sebab semua kepenatan aku tu akan pergi begitu saja tanpa meninggalkan sebarang kebaikan. macam air je.

erm..cukupla. aku tak nak bermadah panjang. cukupla takat aku dah rasa lega nih. seriously, blog ni banyak mengubat hati aku. aku sayang blog aku!!! muahhh!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010



sekarang nih aku baru saja mendengar lagu hindustan..ehh2 jaiho betol! okay2..aku baru je balik dari kem JPAM (pronounciation; jay-pam). jabatan pertahanan awam..?! erm..aku tak suka la kem tu. facilities memang la zero. tapi, satu benda je best. dekat situ ada tasik tau. memang cantik gilerrrr. serius cantik. rasa macam boleh buat tempat penggambaran. aku ada tangkap gambar kat situ dengan fathiah and wanie tapi guna kamera teacher mira. so, tak dapat lagi. hehe.

aku tak suka kem jpam ni sebab aku tak selesa, aku tak cukup tidur, aku kena torture, aku kena tengking maki2..benda paling aku tak suka ialah bila seseorang tu cakap sangat kasar dengan kita and dia expect kita akan ikut arahan dia. come on laa..pikirla. bagi aku, aku akan buat baik kat orang yang buat baik dengan aku.. siapa yang suka awal2 lagi dah ditengking paksa2 macam tu.? lepas tu, siap ada drama lagi. haih..jpam2!

tapi, bila dah lama2, baru la boleh accept sikit. pakcik jpam pon macam dah baik sikit. tapi, tak kesahla pakcik jpam tu. kitorang buat obstacle course ala2 macam plkn. apa yang membanggakan aku lepas semua halangan.. ahahhaha *gelak evil* 

tapi, yang paling best is aku dapat melupakan kmb..tak teringat langsung dengan kmb sebab pening bau kaki orang kat jpam tu termasuk la kaki aku..ehe. lagi satu, aku jumpa ramai member2 yang best. groupmates aku lawak2 jugak la. kerja aku asyik gelak 24 hours dengan alia, rahil, sabila, nasrah and others. haha..paling tak boleh tahan waktu kitorang ramai training untuk gaya backup singer..hik3.

barula kenal sikit budak2 kmb. before this, aku tak kenal pon diorang sangat. paling menarik is aku tengok classmates aku berlakon..acap ar paling tak boleh blah..jadi budak pdk. gila menghayati watak tu. aku rasa dah lama dah dia practice..sebab sebijik gila!! fyra pulak dapat anak tempang baru..hik3. ena jadi PA datok..pergh kelas tuu. faiq jadi budak yang suka garu kepala sangat2..muahaha. wani pulak jadi adik-beradik faiq dengan acap.! haha

okayh, takat tu je kot. 
muka budak hingusan berumur 14 tahun..
pesanan penaja : BOMBA lagi best laaa..!
till then, jaa~~

Friday, 9 April 2010



pagi ni, aku bangun awal. pukul 4 pagi. hehe. sebab malam tadi lepas meeting kat surau aku terus tidur.haha. erm..penatla minggu ni. banyak sangat kerja nak kena kejar. tak masuk lagi dengan revise. aishh..pening2! semalam, lepas asar aku ada usrah, before pergi tu, aku tidur kejap. penat sangatla..tak tahu kenapa. then, bila aku bangun entahla aku bad mood. bak kata jannah muka aku fatigue giler. memang, aku pon dapat rasakan ke'teruk'an muka aku.

lepas tu, aku dok komplen2 kat akak usrah aku, aku busy la, aku penatla, banyak homework la..mace2 deh! but one thing aku lupa at that moment, walaupon aku rasa aku dah busy tahap dewa tapi, sebenarnya ALLAH lagi busy. tapi, ALLAH itu maha Berkuasa. tiada cacat cela. okeh..nabi sulaiman lagi busy. kena uruskan manusia, haiwan, jin dan banyak2 lagi. nak lagi senang, cikgu2 kat kmb aku rasa lagi la busy. especially, cikgu math aku. dia sangat komited dengan kerjaya dia. padahal dia ada family untuk diuruskan. aku nih, barang aku sendiri tak tahu ke mana aku letak..ish3

konklusinya....bella tak payah la nak komplen2. orang lain lagi teruk busynya. kalau aku kata gunung tu besar, actually, ada benda yang lagi besar which is matahari. kalau aku kata semut tu kecik,actually, ada benda lagi kecik..cells! so, kalau aku kata aku busy, the truth is ada orang lagi busy dari kaula la, bella.

aku just nak express myself je..

"apa yang di langit dan di bumi selalu meminta kepada-NYA. setiap waktu DIA dalam kesibukan." 55:29 

Tuesday, 6 April 2010



how are u?? okay, aku dah tak sabar2 nak cerita nih..! hehe. hari ni, kitorang dah came out dengan 1 tarikh where kitorang akan spend time kat alamanda main bowling. fyi, sem 3 nanti kitorang akan split kelas. budak HL stay kat kelas m09e but budak SL kena keluar and what sadden more is budak2 SL kena pecah jadi 2 group. 1st group masuk kelas lain, lagi 1 kelas masuk yang lain. maybe kelas m09c and m09h. but, not so sure!

so, petang tadi, fyra fiza and wanie komplot nak buat gathering for mengekspresskan kesedihan diorang which is kesedihan 1 kelas to respond for what will happening (rombak kelas la..) and they started with diorang komplt dengan english teacher, miss oja and told us to be at funroom this afternoon. so, rupa2nya, diorang gather kitorang kat depan laptop aku then diorang bukak video (3 video, okay?!) which are sooo touching!! most of us nangis kot. even the guys!

yeah, all the bond were such strong and solid. never be replaced with something else. we learnt that every single person in the room have its own specialty and brightness to make our class shine. (what a metaphor...hik3) yup, every single person count! after that, we're having secret recipe chocolate indulgence which is my favourite.! aku makan 3 slice lebih arr?? hehe. other classmates bantai roti aiskrim. tu dah jadi makanan wajib kelas m09e rasanya..haha.

then, we had a little talk from heart to heart. and it is soooo worth it. to make us realize how precious someone to the class. many things laa..bercampur-baur. there were a lot things mixing and blending in this heart. but, what's sure is I AM SOOOO SAD with this class breakup. too bad, mira and acap aren't there! it'll be more fun!

okay, lastly, this evening we just got friendly from majlis perbandaran nilai. lagi tua daripada kitorang yang hanya berumur 19 tahun. but we win!! lebih 1 mata. hahaha. at least, we tried the best and we won. but, now, i realise that i've to keep practising until i became an expert to shoot the ball..hehe

alright, sambung nanti. buh-bye!!
ohana of m09eternity~~~


sekarang, pukul 4.19 di hening pagi. tadi, aku bangun pukul 3.30 pagi. bangun2 terus pergi iron baju. malam tadi, memang tak buat apa2 pon. homework tak sentuh pon. semalam, lepas asar balik bilik then 5.30 petang terus ada netball training sebab hari ni ada friendly match(aku tak tahula siapa yang kalah..tapi, kitorang prepare je..LOL) malam tu, pukul 8.45 terus pergi hall, karate grading..alhamdulillah lepas la. start next week, aku adalah pemegang belt hijau..muahahhahaha*gelak evil* ape2 je la bella

arigato na sensei and senpai!!

okay, just nak cakap di sini bahawa tahap kekuatan aku sedang melebihi paras bawah laut. meaning aku letih owhh..penat aku tak habis2 lagi. takpe la demi karate kesayangan ku, aku sanggup. dah la malam tadi buat kumite (atau dalam englishnya sparring) aku pair dengan aishah. ermm..bagusla aishah punch aku, aku punch aishah, at the same time pulak tu. habis...dua2 senak! hehe...*_*

okeyh2..tutup sekarang la. nak kena siapkan kerja nih. malam tadi, lepas karate aku terus "shutdown". otakku mahu berehat. dan yang paling penting, kaki aku sampai sekarang tak habis2 lenguhnya.

sponsor kata:
mari minum minuman tenaga, yeah!!

till then, jaaa~~

Sunday, 4 April 2010



as many serious things happens...
as many problems occurs...
we'll try to face it together!
we'll not go down!

dear friends,
every problems come out with the permission of ALLAH
and ALLAH knows better 64:11
ALLAH understands and knows everything throughout the world and inside of our hearts! 64:4
depends on HIM and everything will be fine, INSYAALLAH

remember characteristics of a "abdurrahim"...!

just now, we talked about it and after a while, ALLAH gives us this test to know who is HIS mukminin wa mukminat..!

insyaallah..i'll try to practise of what we learn.

p/s: latest song addition.."we will not down in gaza tonight" seriously, cool song and loovvee it!

Saturday, 3 April 2010



hari ni jumaat. hari yang ditunggu-tunggu. malangnya, kerja sangatla melambak sampai aku tak dapat balik minggu ni. malam tadi, kesian mak aku tanya. sori ma..along tak dapat balik. lagipon, final sem 2 nak dekat dah lagi 6 minggu tapi prepare apa2 pon belum. dahla sem ni penting untuk placement country. kalau aku dapat result bagus insyaallah negara 1st choice senang la dapat. insyaallah 1st choice aku, UK kot. manchester. sebab research kat sana bagus jugakla. aminn. kita sama2 doakanla ye.

petang tadi, aku amatla penat. kesian usrah tadi tak berjalan lancar sangat sebab penceramah yang sepatutnya memberi ceramah tiba2 tak jadi datang. so, aku and members tolong jannah and co. buat tadabbur surah annaba'. kak zai pernah ajar usrah minggu lepas..hehe. tapi, memang kelam-kabut gila lah. nasib baik ada plan b.hik3

lepas dah habis usrah. lelaki2 pon dah habis solat jumaat. pergi makan then balik hostel, masuk surau, solat, lepas tu terus 'shutdown' dengan telekung2 sekali..haha. boleh pulak, bila dah bangun masuk bilik sambung balik tidur aku tu..haha. ish3, teruk betul la.*geleng kepala*


tapi kan, pagi2 tadi memang sedih. bila dengar kelas aku kena pecah next sem, memang terus takde mood nak belajar. sedih sangat2!! aku sayang m09e. m09eternity. fyi, aku dengan classmates aku kena rombak kelas sebab aku dan lagi 12 orang classmates ambik math SL (standard level) yang lain, stay ambik math HL (higher level). itula, bila dah kamcing tiba2 kena berpisah. kami, 13 orang kena pergi kelas lain. yang 11 orang tu diorang stay kat m09e. arghhh aku tak sanggup!!!!!!!!!!!

cikgu math aku kata "we have to accept it because after this, we will face many changes that we dont like. life changes and life isnt fair everytime."
bak kata penceramah malam tadi kat surau, "in order to succeed, we've to change.!!"

memangla change tu = success. tapi, change tu satu benda yang sakit. aku bukanla seorang yang senang menerima perubahan bila aku dah selesa dan suka dengan sesuatu. or in a simple words, "I DONT LIKE CHANGE!!!!"

because for me, my classmates are like my family. ohana. hard to replace. just like my high school friends.! bukan senang nak recover tau. dulu, waktu mula2 masuk kmb, aku memang tak berpijak di bumi IB yang nyata sebab aku asyik teringat member2 smakl aku. tak caya tanya deskmates aku. kerja aku asyik cerita pasal smakl je. aku rasa diorang pon boring.

macamana eh? ermm..mengharapkan satu keajaiban bagi aku adalah satu perbuatan kanak2 dalam cerita dongeng cause real life is not like that, rite? wayy more tougher!

wahai M09E-ians,,, aku sayang korang!!! jangan tak tegur aku ye bila kita dah rombak kelas..huhu ~_~
nanti aku nak buat tribute m09e lah..
biar aku cari gambar2 best dulu..!ehe..

ya allah!! memang la cakar ayam..! siapa punya handwriting nih?? haha. inila hasil kerja 2 pagi..muahahahhaa ^_^