Friday, 8 May 2009


okay,right now, 12.50 am..yup, it's midnight!! still no things are done! just like the title>everything in mess..!

unfotunately, today is not my day! soo sad....i dont know why, i feel like i want to cry. many things came up in my mind on the spot. but the main thing that made me sad because i dont have any confidence and strength to face tomorrow. something are going to happen tomorrow. i'm reaalllyy sure. 100%!! that's why i dont want to sleep. afraid of what will happen tomorrow.'s very misterious word for me. arggghhhh!! please help me!! only one that i can ask for help right now..(ALLAH).. yeah, of course, i'm a muslim.

so, i hope that everything will not totally mess up for me. dear tomorrow, just give me a little of sadness if you want so. because right now, i'm totally screwed it up!! gosh! help me...:(

give me some hope..
emotionally and uncovered right now..
just like ima's blog title..
split it up!!

(ima..jgn marah..hehe;)


hanis said...

hye bella..
whats going on huh?

Zahra said...

tak pe bella,
aku x kesah pun.
at least kau capub nama aku dalam blog kau,

btw, spill it here la aku punye

silentdreamer said...

tol la ima..
ak slh tulis..
2 la ak mnx maap 2..