Tuesday, 6 September 2011



thank you Allah for the last 2 days. the days that You gave make me smile happily even, until now. Alhamdulillah! ^_^

sunday, 4th September 2011.

we had so much fun. going out together in darina's lagi best and atiyah's kancil to durrah's and diba's open house. yup, i hadn't seen you girls in 3 years which is super long time. and to have a wonderful day with you girls was such a bliss from Allah to me. the most important thing is each one of us is still the same person like the old days in smakl before. that day is like a non-stop laughing session. 

thank you sooo much to them for making the memorable day :

durrah, mimie, bilah, cumai, nadia, atiyah, darina, diana, mieza, ain and dibah.

you girls really made my day!!! ^_^

monday, 5th September 2011.

i called it as "THE BEST USRAHMATES OUTING EVER!!!". Allah is the best planner..masyaAllah! firstly, auni, zati and me took ERL to putrajaya and then hopped on bus to alamanda and met up with suraya and kak fiza. after that, fetched bessi and straight to bangi for bessi's partially-finished medical checkup (already settled). i feel like it was a very long day because to meet up with them was no-waste-hours at all. everyone was making easier for everyone. poor bessi.. i know she was reaaalllyy tired because after landed on KLIA from KK, she had to spent the whole day with us. sooo sorrryy bessi!

but it was a very great day! after this, everyone will be going to different places. i guess we'll not have those days like in kmb. usrah together, laughing and fighting with each other. huge thanks to kak fiza for sacrificing her time until late night sent each one of her anak usrah to their homes. 

loads of love and thank youuu to kak fiza, suraya, auni, zati, bessi and not to forget abel, wawa and tiqah.!! i love all of you soo muchh!

may Allah gives us more days like these in the future and i pray that success be with everyone of you, my dear girls! keep working and fighting in the name of Allah ^_^

again, domo arigatou gozaimase! :)


aunihannan said...

fighting with each other~ haha insyaAllah, bella... yosh!!!

atiqahazmi said...

ok jeles bai

nabilah shukri ~~V said...

it was fun fun and memorable as long as we are together .. <3

silentdreamer said...

auni>> yosh!! ^_^

tiqaazmi>> alaa..jgnla cmni tiqah. takpe2, nnt bila ade masa kita keluar lagi. okay? :(

bilah>> absolutely correcto! the more the merrier :)