Monday, 4 May 2009



okay, i just want to share something about yesterday. so here's the story, yesterday was a very very tiring day!! that's why i post about it now. after a busy day working like hell, i went to klia with my family to pick up my mom from jakarta. she was sooo lucky. last week langkawi, this week jakarta! i guess i want to work at my mom's place!(haha;) so, we all arrived at home about 11 pm. u know what, i'm soo tired as i felt like if i lay down, my brain is completely shutdown! unfortunately, there's still a work for me..;(

as usual, iron the clothes. 10 is the number of the clothes!!(huhu). it is a routine for me to do that every single night except for friday and saturday but yesterday, it became the most challenging work i had ever done. i started the work at midnight where everybody was in the bed! but, i was alone in the living room pushed myself to complete the job as fast as i could.

i had to rub my eyes every single minute to stop my sleepy eyes. not to mention yawning, that was the most frequent thing happen. after half of the clothes were done, suddenly, i noticed i took the wrong clothes! argghh! my heart was swearing like hell at that time. so, after an excruciating hour, i managed the work. without considering if the clothes were perfectly done or not, i just throw myself on the bed (haha;).

so, to mama, ayah and jia. i'm sorry if all of your clothes were not tidy as usual! hehe...

that's all. i'm sorry if you find it was a crap but that's the story!!;)
till then, bye2!!
....i guess the cat in the pic is exhausted but somehow i also think the cat is dead??......


hakimansor said...

rajin r ko!
please iron baju aku skali ek??
aku bayar 1 baju 10 sen!

mimie said...

haha gila penat weyh! lain kali aku tlg tengok ;)

Bradpetehoops said...

Nice blog, have a nice day.

silentdreamer said...

hakim>>mne ley!! ak mls la..agpon 1 baju seposen!! x bebaloi lgsung!! len r kalo 1 baju 100..haha

mimie>>ala..igtkn tlg iron..hik3

brad>>thanks man!!