Saturday, 24 April 2010


i just got back from my old school, smkakl. we went there because of hari anugerah cemerlang. my bro is the one who got on the stage for his pmr result. i've to speak in english cause next week oral is waiting for me and my fellow classmates. i'll try my best to make sure that i'll get the same score like previous sem or even better, insyaallah. gudluck for my teammates too (put,fiza and mirul).

okay, back to the topic. as i was touring my school, walking here and there like a lost person made me feel like "owwwwhhh, i miss my high school moments! i want it happens back!!" the atmosphere, the surroundings (even there's a lot of changes that the school made) really keep myself imagining the moment with my high school girls.

it feels like just yesterday i came back from netball training.
it feels like yesterday i was walking with my other handball teammates along the labs swearing the guys for taking our court to play just because of their futsal (ughhh please..i still hate it anyway..hik3).

okay, stop it! wake up you're 19 already. i dont know why but i found 19 and next year will be 20, i mean my age is in the form "two-something", wooohhhwww that IS old!! haha. i think all of my friends thought about that, rite?

anyhow, i met adibah there!!! i was veryyy happy. once i saw her, i just called her and hugged her. haha. sorry my dear. it was an involutary action.!!

till then, salam. have a nice weekend, people!! ^_^ 

dieba...kenapa berkerut tu?? adek aku tak bersalah..*hik3
my mother, my sister and my brother *sekarang adek aku pulak yg berkerut.hee*
dieba yg kiut and entah sape entah..muke mcm hape jehh minah ungu tu!


imPERFECT stranger said...

smakl da len.. but its the thaught tht count ait?

silentdreamer said...

yup..smakl da len.
but still my memories still alive.

imPERFECT stranger said...

eyh aku slh eja ea ats uh? haha.. seb bek ko phm.. haha..

silentdreamer said...

mayb ko ngantok kot..