Tuesday, 21 June 2011



let's purify our soul with this beautiful song.

have a good days!! peace be upon you :)



i just finished watching a video from baba ali in youtube.com titled "Some 'Religious People' aren't very religious". it was indeed a hilarious video but it kills me inside. seriously, what he was talking about is really worrying me...

i made a decision to take a step, trying to become a true muslim when i was 19 years (i'm still noob) and now, i'm still in the process of learning about islam. working hard to practice what Islam told me (and Muslims) to do and it was not an easy path. it was and still like a thornful path. 

alhamdulillah, Allah slowly gave me a chance to learn, to practice what i learned in a very very very conducive atmosphere (which is KMB). all to praises to Him that making the process faster and i'm sure that there is long way to go. i need to sacrifice just because of Allah in order for me to get His blessing, the ultimate goal!

the tiny transformation that i did somehow makes me afraid if i am the one of the people that bro Baba Ali talked about. i'm afraid that i have this kind of ego that makes me feel i am better than others (God forbids). because the true muslims will not feel it as more knowledge that one gets, he/she will become more humble because he/she realized there is so much things that he/she didn't know.

people think that "one who looked more religious is the one who is more pious" but looking at the hadith (that i get from the video) ;

"Allah does not look at your looks and appearance, but rather He looks at your hearts and action." [Muslim]

no one knows who is more pious or not, because only Allah knows what inside His slaves' heart. right? 

i'm writing this not because i want to say bad about Muslims but i want to make a reminder especially for myself and dear readers to sit back and reflect ourselves. are we that kind of person? we're just Allah's slaves that have to do things that He asked and left all the things that He hates. 

yeah, saying is easier than doing. like what we always heard, "Action speaks louder than words" now, we have to break the ego cause Ust Nouman Ali Khan once said [NOT THE EXACT WORDS] , "If we're crossing the boundaries that Allah made, we're not hurting Allah but we're hurting (or destroy) ourselves" -.-

aim to reach now (and always) ----> remembering Allah for every seconds..biiznillah. cause if we remember Allah, we know we're the weak one and Allah is the superior one. it solves the prob. how can we say we're the better or the best if we admit that we are weak. dont get me wrong, okay? Muslims are strong because of Allah and weak because of Allah too. :)

any question or objection? put it in comments.

thank you for reading ^_^ peace be upon you.

p/s : this reflection is only to reflect ourselves. when you reflects, you're not looking anyone, you're looking yourself. so, dont talk about people. talk about yourself.

Monday, 20 June 2011

O Allah!!


dear readers, i dont have anything and i dont feel like to write a long entry for this time. i just want to release my emotion. yahh...now, i'm not in kmb that i can just go to my friends' rooms and talking about my sadness or problems. so, this (my blog) is the substitute of my friends and i know Allah knows how do i feel now. 

i dont know if i am soo bad that i feel this kind of feeling but i'm a human who is not perfect. you know what i'm saying? currently, i feel so sad and i dont want to talk about it in further. i just want to express my sadness.

what i can say is all of my friends out there, you have to be grateful that you guys are sooo lucky to have that kind of awesome chance to learn everything and you can improve yourself far away better than me. 

i dont know but i feel like crying to talk about this thing. anyhow, i just believe that Allah knows what is best for me and Allah who brings up the best in me. even though it is bitter but i have to learn to swallow it. 

bella, you have to be happy to see they were having fun. you supposed to feel grateful that their spirits are rocketing up to the peak so that they can give you a bunch of reminders. you have to accept it, bella, that Allah put the plot of your life beautifully. *i'm trying to be husnuzon (positive) here*

well, not everything is sweet right? although it is sweet, but still you'll have the bitter side of it which is responsibility. so help me people! coz (wAllah) the holiday is a very very very tough period of time for me. ~_~ i'm holding it and will keep holding on. 

maybe i'll be invisible. you can see me, but i dont appear in front of you guys. 

that's it. sorry, i just posted a bunch of craps :( 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011



well, happy day to you!!
alhamdulillah and all praises to Allah for giving these whole 20 years to me. something that i cant describe. life, knowing You and struggling just for You is a very very very awesome gift to me :)

thank you Allah!!

and this morning, i get this ayat from Him (thru the reminder jar).

"Lo! We have given thee Abundance. So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice."   108 : 1 & 2

i guess Allah told me to work more and more for him despite all of the gifts that He already gave me. yeah! we cannot repay back all of the things that Allah bestowed us. so, what can we do is just follow what He told us to and left all those that He dont want us to do :) (that is 1 of the explanation of taqwa)

okay people, have a great day on my birthday..(that's rhymed!)

peace be upon all of you ^_^

Thursday, 9 June 2011


assalamualaikum and good day to everyone!!

today, i'm just going to share an idea. does anyone around you or you yourself,  are running out of time, searching for something to make a nice, wonderful present? i dont know if it's suit with what's in your mind but A REMINDER JAR would be the one!!

fyi, it was one of the presents that i gave to my mom as her 42th birthday present besides a card and a colourful Hadis 40. basically, it is a jar full of cute folded papers that have motivational ayatul Quran. it was originated from my friends in kmb who did this by using only coloured papers making the box and the folded papers on it. 

since it was going to be a birthday present for my mom, so i reinvented it in a new form but still the same concept. so, you can try to do it! you know, it's very good cause it makes you more closer to Al-Quran and of course Allah ^_^

check out the pics!!
behind the scene, time : 2 am

the papers before it turned to be the cute folded papers! :)

you can have bigger size of it and you can design whatever ways you want! (this is just for a rough idea)

jar pic 2

okay, hope this post can help anyone. enough for that, da~~~

Sunday, 5 June 2011



Morning, everyone! May Allah bless you!!

okay, allow me to share a quote from Saidina Ali which I knew it from TV this morning. but, I apologize because I cannot find the quote in english. so, here it is; 

Kebaikan itu semuanya terhimpun dalam empat perkara: 
Percakapan, diam, pandangan dan gerak. 

Tiap-tiap percakapan yang tidak disertai dengan mengingati Allah adalah sia-sia, tiap-tiap diam yang tidak disertai dengan memikirkan kebesaran Allah adalah leka, tiap-tiap pandangan yang tidak disertai dengan pengambilan iktibar adalah lalai, dan tiap-tiap gerak yang tidak disertai dengan perhambaan adalah kosong.

when i read it on the TV screen, i was very sad and shocked. i looked back at myself. there are many many many times i was in vain. -.- before this, i said to my friends or even in this blog, i always wrote that i dont want to do anything that will not bring benefit to my life in Hereafter (Akhirat) but based on this words by Saidina Ali, i am that kind of person that i hate! ouch..it hurts me a lot!

so, now, i need to watch out my words, my movement, my silence and my sight. these 4 basic daily routines should be based on Allah only. 

okay, everyone! dont forget to always refresh your soul :) 

peace be upon all of you.! ^_^v