Saturday, 11 April 2009



first of all, i would like to say happy birthday to ekin1104. may all your wishes come true. eventhough i didnt talk to you everyday but i am your friend everyday..;)

and..aishah, i am so sorry that i cannot reply your message. my credit expired. after i top up my phone, i will text you. im so sorry. really,really sorry.;(

hmm..have you ever feel like this situation:

there is a big marathon which thousands of people are participating. at that moment, everybody is running including you. but you are far away behind them. there is a big gap between you and others. you are trying so hard to run as fast as you could to catch up with them. unfortunately, you are still behind them. you are already been left by others. as you try to catch up, as far the gap is....

you know what...that kind of feeling is with me now. i dont know. suddenly, i feel so sad. there is nothing happen but the emotion comes to me from nowhere (sigh). if someone who is good at aura like kayashima (hana kimi), he will see a large dark cloud surrounds my body.

i guess this is all because im alone all over a day plus every single time i spend with kdrama and jdrama. yeah, i think that is one of the reasons. hmm..2 days to go for the interview. i wonder how am i that day..? i will smile the whole day or i will have this feeling the whole day.

i dont know. i cant imagine it.;(

im sorry that i dont have interesting thing to tell except for this sad thing. if it is kind of boring, i cant blame myself. it is a part of me. sometimes, i feel very happy. sometimes i feel broke to tears. what an emotional person i am (haha).

now, i feel a little bit cheer. there's a happiness here.(hehe) some words for you: "spread the love"...;)
치어 리더를, 얘들아!!
(still progressing my english..)


...cintajihad... said...

xmo sedih2 ea..
manusia kan..
hati kita ni ada pasang surutnya..^_^..
gud luk 4 da interview ya!
basmallah n selawat byk2..
mohon ditenangkan hati dan dilembutkan hati semua org yg melihat kite:)

silentdreamer said...

time kasih byk2 nazurah!!
doakan ak interview t..

mimie said...

내 친구 , 강해 져야하고 안정
I'll always here for you :D

silentdreamer said...

friends 4 eva!!

Zahra said...

it's okayy girl.
spill it out.
i'm here..

"hidup tak selalunya indah, langit tak selalu cerah.."
it's true..

tapi kita kena,
"senyum seindah suria, yang membawa cahya, senyumlah dari hati, duniamu berseri ;)"

tawakal banyak banyak ye..
yang penting doa tamau tinggal.
All the best!

silentdreamer said...

thanks ima!!
ak akn senyum selalu smpai cramp pipi ak..

hajar said...

gud luck fr the intrview bella!
dun worry
there r no accidents in life
alwys hold on to that=)

silentdreamer said...

thank u so much!
its means a lot to me..;)