Wednesday, 17 June 2009



firstly, i want to say sorry to ku nazurah husna for my mistake in the previous entry. i'm so sorry and i already correct it.

now, i'm in countdown of how much days left until next tuesday. today, 5 more days to go. i dont think i'm excited about this-college-thing. but, i had to do that. i know....

i just finished watch japan movie called TOKYO BOY, starring maki horikita. yup, my favourite japanese actress. eventhough the movie is not the latest one but it still worth to watch. especially, for those who is getting bored about same plot in all dramas and love story. this movie is very different. those who loves romantic scenes are not recommended to watch it as it fulls of mystery. but hey, there's still love stuff in the movie where minato (maki horikita) is fall in love with young medical student but she's very keen to know why suddenly the guy want to break with her. plus, she also had a disease which she always keep losing her memory.

unfortunately, sometimes i felt that the movie is kind a bit slow. but still it's an awesome movie. and also, for those who love stuff like physchology or mystery stuff, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!

at first, i'm watching it because of maki horikita and i found some great feedbacks about the movie.
if you dont have anything to do, try to watch it!!
TOKYO BOY! click to watch it.

she's very cute, right?!


mimie said...

haiya i miss the moment to be a very excellent korean digger LOL miss you too belle XD

hajar said...

awk korean bella japanese digger,hehehe
gudluck bells!
nnt kte sorg jela y on9.uwaaa
kte msuk 6 july

silentdreamer said...

mimie>>yup i gonna miss it soon when im in the college..!! miss u so much, mie!!

hajar>>kye dua2 boleh..cuma lbey japan sket..haha
sian aj xde kwn..all the best to u,hajar!!

PHIRDOTE said...

patut jadi org malaysia..bru ley ngorat awek chumel ni..hihi

silentdreamer said...

pikir ngorat je eh..