Saturday, 25 September 2010


alhamdulillah. Allah give me a free time to write a post. it was a busy week, i should say. perhaps, maybe i was too relax during last holiday. well, i just finished my TOK presentation last thursday. it was not a good news. i dont know, maybe we were not well-prepared. we were beginning to understand it last sunday. but, it's okay. we learn from the mistake and i do learn a lot from it, seriously.

that day, after the presentation, i was holding my tears and it bursted out in front of wani. haha. sorry, wani! i cant hold it but then, when i had mentor mentee session, my mentor talked about death. it was not the main story, because at first we were talking about raya and i dont know how it ended up with that topic. on that moment, i realised that my problem is just a small one compared to the people who had lost their loved ones. i have to be grateful for all the blessings of life.

how can i cannot realised it?? i have to remember that forever.

just like what my friend said,

" Dont tell God how big is your problem, but tell the problem how big is God!"

You see, who are we to complain everything happened in our life. who are we to complain what Allah had arranged for us? seat back and think of it!

even now, i have a small problem but it could to the big one! my lappy always shut in a blink of eyes. i mean, unpredicted shutdown. off just like that. and now, my antivirus have this difficulty to update. haiya..! i dont know what to do lorhh. pray and pray and pray.

and one more thing,please pray for my IELTS. i just had my first class and my exam will be just around the corner.

eh? why do I smell satay now?? is it because of i'm hungry?? but, it IS the smell. i'm not halucinating. better, i go check for myself. hahaha. smell delicious. satay, here I come!!

buh-bye, people!! peace be upon you!!!


AxL VoGa said...

A lesson learnt so all is not lost. You may lose your mark in ToK presentation, but then if a lesson is learnt, so there is nothing really to be lose...

and YOSH for our IELTS!!!

silentdreamer said...

thanks che!!

yup2!! ganbatene for the IELTS
and congrats for you UK!