Wednesday, 29 April 2009



hi there!!
i bet all of you had a great day today, right?!

hmm...i felt soooo sad today. this is all because i cant hang out together with my friends.(huhu..:(
but never mind i still can talk with them online. remember this my dear friends, whenever and whatever it is, i am still your friends and i hope i will be your friends forever..huhu.(very emo..haha)

i am very touching reading everyone's blog about our memories in smakl..;(

i will missing you guys everytime..!!
may our friendship last forever!!;)

Monday, 27 April 2009


today, early this morning, i already had my bad day. all of this thanks to a lady from my driving school. yeah! thanks to you for making me feel very mad and sad this day. THANK U SOOO MUCH!!

so,here's the story...
i just wake up from my sleep and after an hour (i think), there's a call from ******. so, this particular lady sounds very mad and she said;

lady: bila kamu nak bayar nih?!! akak nak book test untuk kamu!!
me: esok kot..(with a very decent voice)
lady: hah!! esok?! akak nak kamu bayar hari ini jugak!! kalau tak akak potong nama kamu dan letak hari jumaat...

very rude!! i know that you have some troubles with your work. but hey! everybody got their own problem!! what the heck you want to give some of your anger to me..?!

fyi, before this, i mean, on the day which i booked my test in the school. i arranged it with other lady and this lady said i have to pay before 30th april. so, i dont think i had to pay it today. plus, my parents just got their salaries..(it is the spelling right??) so, i thought i want to go to the school tomorrow..but that lady just made me sick!!

so, i decided to change the test on friday. so, you (that lady), shut your mouth up!! glad i have a place to release it all.........fewh~
.......i guess i feel better now...;)

Saturday, 25 April 2009



hi there!! nice day? hmm..i want to tell my awesome experience today.;)
fyi, now my mom is in langkawi because she had to attend a course for this whole weekend. she will come back to kl tomorrow. so, here in my house, there are just me, my dad and my little sister, jia. because i'm not good in cooking, as usual,when my mom is not around, we will have food in stall or restaurant (i know i am bad daughter..haha).

so, the story is this evening, my dad and i decided to make cekodok. this is our first time..(sound silly?) i know many people around my age almost can cook everything. plus, some of my friends are very good in cooking. after i called my mom to get the recipe, me and my dad sit together in the kitchen try to make it. at first, we thought our cekodok will be like cucur (flat and yellowish). fortunately, the cekodok is a huge success!! it's sooo good as my dad said our cekodok just like my mom did. even jia admit it too. we are so happy. we had such a great time together.

but just like my every first trial, everything is not perfect. the shape of the food is not round enough. but I dont care about that. as long as everyone enjoy the food..(haha)

alright, then. that's all for today. see ya!!;)

Friday, 24 April 2009


5 tmpat mmbeli belah yg anda wjib kunjungi ;
kalau aku keluar shopping,
mana-mana tempat pon ak bantai.
antara tempat selalu pergi kalau nak
shopping =jaya jusco. (coz mak aku ada jcard..haha;)
-5 benda yg anda wjib beli ;
hmm..of course aku akan beli makanan
(haha..aku memang tak dapat pisah dgn
1 itu je kot yang wajib..
-5 benda yg wajib ade dlm handbag/bag anda:
tak sampai 5 pon..
kad belajar kereta aku
(hihi..itu sebab malas nak keluarkan)
-5 benda yg wajib ade dlm dompet anda;
Identity card
Lesen L
Kad quotes (waktu aku beli test pad dulu..)
-5 gaya berpakaian yg anda gemari swaktu keluar bersiar2 atau beli belah;
aku keluar ada 2 gaya je.
1)seluar dgn t-shirt
2)baju kurung
-5 tmpt yg anda gemari utk bersantai brsama teman/psangan anda;
kalau keluar dgn member memang selalu pergi shopping complex la..
-5 topik yg anda gemari swaktu brsama2 teman/psangan anda;
japan series
korea series
gossip @ hot story
(memang aku suka cakap psl benda2 x berfaedah ni..haha)
-5 owg mangsa tag yg anda gemari ;
ku nazurah
fatin nur ain

Thursday, 23 April 2009



now, i just on my way to finish nobuta wo produce. that jseries is sooo awesome.
if you never watch it yet and you feel like to watch jseries, believe me, you have to watch it.!!
at this particular time, i am sooo disgust with aoi(one of the characters)!! (aoi, get away from my screen, you freak!!)

okay, here's something that i want to share. have you ever feel that you are going to be something that you dont like so much?? for example, me, i dont like gold accessories.!! totally!! if there's any conversation about that between my mom and her sisters. i feel like "what are they talking about? are there no better things to talk!" (apologise for those who like gold, jewel and etc.) yup, just like when my dad saw me getting excited about jkseries.

but, when i think of it again, hey! i will be like that someday. as we know, women and jewels have very deep connection. every women in malaysia loves jewelery, right?! if there's a women, i repeat WOMEN, who does not like jewelery, tell me.!! so, i just cant imagine. am i going to be like my mom and her sisters?? is it my daughter also feel annoyed when she hears i'm talking about jewelery things just like i did??(i am soo futuristic!!haha)

hmm...i guess anyone will think of that too but with different aspects and views. so, future is unexpectable. what i learned is when we are moving forward, dont forget to look back and surroundings. sometimes there are answers right in front of our eyes but we cant see it., i feel like i'm an old woman who trapped in a girl's body (lol..;)..

Wednesday, 22 April 2009



today,22nd april, i want to wish happy birthday to my bro and my little sister. fyi, they had the same birthday but of course, different year. i hope that both of you will work harder, especially my bro, he is going to take pmr this year. fighting!!;) may all your wishes come true. and lastly, dont make me mad..(haha). this is a warning;)

and also, happy birthday to kaka. eventhough he dont know about this, it's ok. i am big fan of him. (go,kaka! stick to ac milan!!) he is the most handsome football player i have ever seen. and for sure, he has a great football skills.
okay, enough about birthday. i want to tell my friends out there. (x smakl f5 2008). there will be a farewell party. diana said because after this, we are going to study separately.(huuhu) i just do what mimie said.(right,mie?!) it's on wednesday, 29th april in midvalley. (i'm sorry if i'm wrong..mie, is it correct?!) i hope everybody will be there and have a lot of fun. (but, i didnt ask my parents yet..haha) i will definitely missing of you guys!! huhu

...that cake is awesome!!...
...hey, granpa! can i take that cake and give it to my bro?! haha:)...

Sunday, 19 April 2009



now, i am in the mood of confused and forced.*sigh* i had a problem which is requires me to make a decision but i cant think of it.!!(oh no!;(

so, i am going to ask for some help from you. tell me what to do. i appreciates soo much for your favor..(help me!)

here goes the story, i had to choose which place that i have to go to further my study. is it UNITEN or MATRIX? uniten is on 6th may and matrix is on 15th may. so, one of my friends told me that if i go to the matrix, i have to pay rm200++ and if i got offer i can choose to leave the matrix. on the other hand, if i go to uniten, the lady on the phone said bank-in rm500++ in the account and i can choose to go to the better offer.( i dont know what account but my mom does..haha)

so, from the study aspect uniten is more good because i get the course that i want but for the matrix i had to study for one year just to get offer like the uniten's. plus, one of my cousin said the course that i want (which is offered by uniten) had to learn in university because i had to do a lot of practicals and matrix didnt got that..(im sorry if the fact is mistake). but, if i go to the matrix, i will meet my high school friends.(yayy!!;)

or...the last choice..i just let go all of the offers which are uniten and matrix just for waiting the scholarship and upu. what do you think? but, if i didnt get both of the offers, where am i going to further my study? that is such a waste to wait!!

please, give me some of your thoughts!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009



actually i want to have a talk (IM) but ym and msn are so mean. i dont know why but the problem makes me so sick of it. so, i decided to go to sleep. but before that, as usual, i will listen to my favourite song. one more time-tree bicycle (ost BOYS OVER FLOWERS) and my sunshine- rock a trench (ost MEICHAN NO SHITSUJI). gosh...i'm sooo in love with these songs. the japanese song reminds me of hiro-kun.(hehe) but the korean song is soooo beautiful. if you have free time, please listen this song in youtube with english translation. if you're reaalllyyy a big fan of bof, i promise you will miss them so much. that song is awesome. especially for those who are in love, (yup!!) this is the best song for you..(haha) i dont know why i am soo emotional??;)

here's one more thing i want to tell you, if you like you want to play chess and you want to win. tell me because i am a person who is a big L in chess. unfortunately, i know how to play but i had no idea to think of a strategy and whatsoever. believe me, if you want to win, just call my name. but, if you lose to me. i guess you should be worry. (haha)

i guess i have nothing much to say. till then, bye!;)

Friday, 17 April 2009



hey there!!
it's been a while..huh?? is all because i have to return my aunt's broadband. i am soo happy that my mom bought a new broadband. yeay!!;) but i could only online at the night. but i guess i am okay with that.

so..i am very confused right now. here's the story. last year, i applied for matrix and i chose pahang, johor and negeri sembilan. i think..i'm not sure(haha). but what makes me confused because i get kedah. that is wayyy too far from what i chose. kind of weird, right?! meanwhile, to all my friends out there who got the offer..congratz!! as far as i know, mimi in johor, nasuha in pahang and diana in negeri dear friends,FIGHTING!;)

okay, let me tell you about the main story. today, i am so freaking mad at a person. believe me, he had nothing to do with your life. and it is not about my i am totally sure that he would never realise about this.

i just want to say to the person...

if you make a deal, then dont forget it!!
if you make a promise, then dont broke it!!
if you want to show up at 9, then be at 9...u punk!!

im sooo sorry because of some words.(you know what i mean right?) but i am sooo pissed off. this is the second time. gosh..i pray i will pass it, so i will not see you again. amin...

Monday, 13 April 2009


first of all, i want to say happy birthday to my hero,HIRO MIZUSHIMA.

i just finished playing game with my bro. hmm...i want to tell you about my interview this morning.

around 10.15, i arrived mara building and straight to the registration center. my interview supposed at 11 o'clock(in the offer letter). there, i talk with a girl behind me. she is from mrsm balik pulau. she said she want to take tesl. just talking a little bit then after i register, me and my family go the nearest restaurant to have breakfast there. i dont feel hungry at all because i'm so nervous about the interview.

at 11 am, the receptionist make an announcement. so, i have tag written "panel 9". because of that, i have to go to the 12th floor. at the same time, my family had to wait for me in the lobby. after i reached the 12th floor, i have to write name in a paper and then, wait for my turn. there, i meet a girl from islamic school in terengganu. after a while, there's a girl enter the room followed by two boys. the girl is from "S.A.B"(you know what is it, right?!) and the boys from SAINS SELANGOR and ASIS. as usual, me and the 2 girls are sooo nervous. everyone dont seem want to sit properly. so, me and the girls plus the sains selangor have a chat. but the asis is so weird. he just stand away from us. i think maybe he is d*** nervous.

you know what, the sains selangor is so relax and so cool. gosh..he seems like nothing is happen. then, he told us that this is the 3rd times he goes for interview. (oh...) before this, he went to tnb and petronas(chemical engineering)..(wow!!!). he also told us how was the interview. okay...i guess i have to stop talking about the boy.

then, after the girl from terengganu finished her interview. she comes to us and tell that she had to recite and do tarannum because she had certificates of alquran class and ihtifal for hafazan. plus she also wears tudung bidang 60. at that moment, i was so shocked!! (oh no!! i have that certificate too). in my mind, there's a lot of things going on. (am i have to do that too??) nooooo......!!!

so, it's my turn now. as i enter the room, i see a young lady and a man in front of me. first, they ask for my form and certificates. as usual, they ask me some questions:

1) tell us about yourself?
2) what did you do in school?(prefect, naqibah and so on...)
3) how about your co-curicular activities?
4) what do you know about biotechnology?
5) which country do you want to go? (at least two)
6) do you accept to study in local u?
7) do you any disease? (that's the easiest question so far..haha)
8) any question?

so, that are the questions and for the last question, you have to ask them (anything...!)
if not, they will find that we are not interested about the scholarship.

i think i satisfied with the interview. i did answer all of the question. plus, i didnt have to tarannum. (fewh~) so i guess i did pretty well.(hehe) it's just my thought..

so, my friends who are going for interview,especially temah,dura,dba,tqa hanis. relax and smile.!! i know you can do it. you are wayyy better than me. just imagine it's kind like taaruf. (haha)

i also want to say thank you sooooo much for people who wish me luck. (mimi, nazurah, ima, aj, temah, dura, tqahanis, alia adilah, fathin, ammar,my cousin izzat and cs afifah and sory if i didnt write your name. tell me, i can put your name in).

Sunday, 12 April 2009



just like the pictures said, i would like to thank to my aunt, maksu because she lend me her broadband for almost 3 weeks!! hey..if it's me, i cant give my broadband for such a long time.(i'm a bad girl..hehe) because of maksu, i can talk to my friends the whole day, im not bored anymore and i own my blog too. so, it's a big deal for me.

anyone that text to me, im so sorry i cant reply. i dont have money right now.(hehe)

actually, my brother is at home right now. at first, he went back because he had to finish his geography project. but now, he had "measel" (i dont know how to spell it). something like chicken pox (the doctor said). unfortunately, he got five dayss "mc". oh no!!..i guess i have to fight with him to make sure i can online.(huhu)

okay, i have to prepare for tomorrow. wish me luck. im soooo nervous right now. i even cant think of it!!

내가 인터뷰를 잘되기를 바랍니다.!
...pray for me..;)

p/s: mie, maybe we can msn everyday..

Saturday, 11 April 2009



first of all, i would like to say happy birthday to ekin1104. may all your wishes come true. eventhough i didnt talk to you everyday but i am your friend everyday..;)

and..aishah, i am so sorry that i cannot reply your message. my credit expired. after i top up my phone, i will text you. im so sorry. really,really sorry.;(

hmm..have you ever feel like this situation:

there is a big marathon which thousands of people are participating. at that moment, everybody is running including you. but you are far away behind them. there is a big gap between you and others. you are trying so hard to run as fast as you could to catch up with them. unfortunately, you are still behind them. you are already been left by others. as you try to catch up, as far the gap is....

you know what...that kind of feeling is with me now. i dont know. suddenly, i feel so sad. there is nothing happen but the emotion comes to me from nowhere (sigh). if someone who is good at aura like kayashima (hana kimi), he will see a large dark cloud surrounds my body.

i guess this is all because im alone all over a day plus every single time i spend with kdrama and jdrama. yeah, i think that is one of the reasons. hmm..2 days to go for the interview. i wonder how am i that day..? i will smile the whole day or i will have this feeling the whole day.

i dont know. i cant imagine it.;(

im sorry that i dont have interesting thing to tell except for this sad thing. if it is kind of boring, i cant blame myself. it is a part of me. sometimes, i feel very happy. sometimes i feel broke to tears. what an emotional person i am (haha).

now, i feel a little bit cheer. there's a happiness here.(hehe) some words for you: "spread the love"...;)
치어 리더를, 얘들아!!
(still progressing my english..)

Thursday, 9 April 2009



it is already 3 o'clock in the morning. I haven't sleep yet. yup! this is all because of my own fault. so. here's the story..
anyone who got the offer for the interview has to write an essay more than 300 words. actually, there is a month to write it but i choose to write in the last minute. my mom was so pissed. is my fault. i admit it. i supposed to write it in last few weeks where i can write in peace and slowly. but, now i have to suffer stay up all night only to do this.(huhu..i'm tired already..)

at last, i'm done!(what a relief..fewh~) it takes a lot of courage and music..!(haha)

you know what, i do believe things happen for reasons. as i open tv, there is my favourite team,CHELSEA play vs the reds, LIVERPOOL. i dont know what is the result but at this particular time, chelsea is in the front with 3-1. GO CHELSEA!!!

the effect of hiro's news is still there. no matter what, i will support you,hiro-kun. i think i could officially announce myself as a hirofreak. hmm..think i am crazy?! yes i did.

yeah..i think hiro's stuff make myself freaking out too.

(i'm very sorry about all of the crazy-ness things)

仕事のハード! !;)
(to:temah,dura,diba and all of my friends who was/is going to interview..GUD LUCK!!)
(mie thanks for the "fighting"!!;) english is still in progress...;)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009



hmm..have you ever watch "THE BIGGEST LOSER"?? it is on hallmark channel. a few past weeks, I watched that. sometimes, i feel so jealous of them. they were so lucky. so,the show is about big fat people that have to lose weight to win the competition. in the beginning,the contestants were so big as their weight were hundreds of pounds!! every week, there is someone that has to be eliminated (just like other reality show...). in the end, not only the winner is in a great shape (or slim) but also all of the contestants. even the first one who has been eliminated!!

gosh..they are sooo lucky.!!

but the point is the effort they were put only to lose wight was soooo d*** hard.( i guess i dont want to write that..haha) what i learned from the tv show is change can be so much painful. (do you agree with that??). hey, it is not just about getting to lose weight but also change behaviour or getting a new different life. even if i moved to my new house, it still felt so hard.

hmm..what do you think?;)

anyway,speaking of losing weight. recently, i watched kbs. it is about human body and it's about lose weight too.

for those people who are trying very hard to lose weight by diet, but instead of losing, your weight keep getting bigger and bigger. most probably, you are lack of vitamins and minerals. so, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

usually, people who are on diet and become slimmer because their body uses fat to gain energy. so, that's why they getting smaller. but unfortunately, people that cannot make that,they don't have proper vitamins and minerals to allow the mitochondria( is in biology..haha)to use fat in order to produce energy.'s the tips. you can make vegetable soup on your own. this was practiced by some japanese and they said after 5 days, they feel the difference. i don't know how the difference because i did not try it..!!(haha) just get pumpkin,cabbage,carrot and onion and boil it. after that you drink the soup only..

you can try it if you want..;)

( i just dont know why i want to write this...haha)
...which pictures look more delicious?? ;)


this is the first post ever!!(feel the excitement??)
so..i decided to write my blog in english eventhough my english is bad.
i hope you can understand what i'm saying.;)

hmmm..these days, i become addicted to one person that is hiro mizushima. I always talk about this with mimie. right,mie?! (haha) I don't know if you know him or not. he is a perfect guy for me. but the sad things about him is he had tie a knot. it was shocking!!! every fan of hiro reaalllyyy did. so, it is a big thing for me but i hope that they will become a great couple. HIRO.AYAKA.(really,it is so hard to write the previous line).

so, that is a part of myself. i'm pretty sure you have it too right?!

now,I am so nervous about my interview. how it is going to be??;(
thinking about my english plus no skills to talk spontaneously (just like public speaking) make me feel worried so much!!
thanks to all my friends for your support. all the tips that you gave, i will practice on that day. one more thing i want to tell. it is on 13th april and that day is HIRO's birthday.;)

(how bad was my english??)