Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Alhamdulilillah for Allah have given us so much blessings and most importantly, still permit us to breathe in these blessings of Islam and iman. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

Currently, I am on my way back to my home country Malaysia. It’s been five hours sitting here on a plane. I spent my time mostly sleeping, eating, reading and watching movie. I just finished watching this a particular movie called “Bhagat Singh”. It’s a Hindustani movie. From this movie, there are so much thing to learn about brave people but what I treasure the most from this movie is about Youth.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about this since I learned about Hamatussyabab from a lecture that I heard named Ya Aiyuha Syabab. I’m not going to talk an average young John or what, I’m talking now about amazing young people and they were spending their youth and their life for.

Recently, we heard about this late young man named Ahmad Ammar who died in Turkey. He was a history student studied in Turkey. He got hit by an ambulance while he was crossing the road. Yes, nothing much about how he died, he was not an army who fight to free Syria or Palestine, literally but what his death is famous for is how he is spending his 20 years of life. He is really doing something during his life. He volunteered all around the World, he was the best student when he was in his high school. Some declared him as a person who got Husnul Khatimah based on a hadith that I cannot remember now (but maybe I’ll paste here later).

Same goes to the movie that I watched just now, three of them, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru (look at the History of India), they died young at age of 23. They spent most of their life for liberating India from slavery and colonisation of British Empire. They did not get what they aim for but how they fight for what they aim is what amazes me the most.

You see, young people nowadays, they tend to carry out their life with what they define as normal life. Watching movie, hanging out with friends, online-ing for hours, playing video games for the whole day just for seeking fun and get rid of this boringness of life. I mean, me myself, I was one of the young people who do not really take a step to pause and reflect what does this life means to us. You tend to get carried away and follow the flow of what life asks you to do for. Not that you are the one who control your life and doing what you want to do for your life.

I knew and embrace this purpose of life like 3 or 4 years ago when this bunch of people ‘woke me up’ and made me realise that life is more than having fun in your life. Life from what Allah gave us is for a reason and to benefit from our life is to help others and live for meaningful purpose.

There are many other people suffering and having difficulties in other parts of the World as I do not think I have to mention about these people cause I guess you know them very well. From what I learned based on these amazing syabab is to live for thinking and serving for Ummah. You study and work just to serve Ummah for the sake of Allah. Like what Hassan Al-Banna once said, among of qualities that syabab have to have is thinking about Ummah more than thinking about us. Now, look back on ourselves, what are we struggling for and how do we spent of our life.

It’s not that we want to follow what these amazing young people like the late of Ahmad Ammar and Bhagat Singh to be known by people. We follow them as in doing something for Ummah because of this is what Allah asks us to do; becoming a ‘abid and a khalifah.

Just a few cents from me. That’s all. ^_^


Saturday, 16 November 2013



Debaran musim panas makin terasa. Belum balik Malaysia, Allah sudah sediakan ujian. Hari last exam sakit perut, lenguh satu badan. Kuatkan diri berjuang untuk last paper. Balik je rumah terus rebah kat Adnin sampai malam tak dapat bergerak membuat kerja. Tapi alhamdulillah Allah banyak mengajar melalui ujian kesakitan ini. Mengajar lebih untuk betul-betul mengosongkan fikiran, mengingatiNya, mengingati mati, menyebut namaNya. 

Malam tadi, tiba-tiba, ada abrupt cadangan family gathering. Kena pulak tepat dgn program. Astaghfirullah. Cabaran summer makin panas. 

Ya Allah sesungguhnya aku sangat memerlukan sesuatu kebaikan yang Engkau turunkan kepadaku! Moga terus diberi perasaan..perasaan urgensi utk berfikir dan bergerak. Hilangnya perasaan itu umpama tempangnya ruh daie. 

Bila membaca status ini, memang rasa kena pelempang habis. Headshot! 

"Orang yang lengah dalam berusrah, sambil lewa dalam berusrah, kita tak harapkan dia akan menjadi pendakwah yang memilik sifat mujahid. Kerana dia sebenarnya tidak menghayati maksud kewajian berdakwah Sebab itu dia tidak iltizam dgn tuntuan dan kewajipan berusrah. 

Jadi, ikhwah/akhawat seperti ini, biah akan mempengaruhinya. Jika biahnya adalah biah pendakwah. Jika biahnya biah organisasi. Jika biahnya biah kerja, dia akan bekerjaya. Jika biahnya biah leka dan lalai, dia akan leka dan lalai."

Astaghfirullah..moga kita yang diberi kefahaman ini terus diberi kefahaman yang mencelikkan mata hati kita. amin ya rabbal 'alamin. 

Saturday, 2 November 2013


This is heavy. LITERALLY heavy. T_T 
it smacks you right on top on your face! 

People say "Tell the truth even it's heavy to say." 
I say "Watch the video even it's heavy to watch."

But again, it's all depends on your choice to watch it or not.