Thursday, 28 May 2009



first of all, i like to congratulate Barcelona.


they defeated man u with 2 goals...yeah!!;)

but,the saddest part was i didnt watch the game..(huhu)

so, the story was i stayed up until 2 am just to watch the game by watching ryusei no kizuna..
just like my friend,adibah said...that jseries is awesome!! then, at 2 am, my dad awake. both of us are waiting in front of the tv. the game didnt start yet. so,there was a talk before the game start. talked about what will the game like...bla..bla..bla.

after that, i opened my eyes. it's already 6 am.


i knew the result from my dad. he told me this morning. but, it's okay. there must be highlight of the game, i think!?(huhu)

anyway, congrates barcelona..!!;)

....the pictures had nothing to do with the post. i show it because i think she is the most beautiful and cutest japan actress...hik3..

(credit to unleashthegeek)


syamimi said...

hehe...smlm tgk bolaa.yeay!
emm congratz tu barca gk even xsokong barca..
glory2 mu gk =D

Adibah said...

WEH hot gile maki dengan rambut tuh
perasan tak skarang sume nak bwat rambut serabut camtu
sume tiru yamapi sebenarnye kte rase

hajar said...

rse cm pnh tgk pmpn tuh
kt mne eh..
jap2.ha!y blakon cte die mnyamar die jd laki tu kan?

silentdreamer said...

syamimi>>best 2 dpt tgk..thniah2!!;)

diba>>hot giler!! yela 2 ikot yamapi..hiro pon serabut gak rmbut dye..mmg trend jepon cm2!!

hajar>>haah..dye blakon cter hanakimi 2..yg myamar jd laki 2!! youre rite!!;)

acapabdulrahim said...

kite suke dia! :)
nama betul dia apa??? kem salam kat dia ek. ;P

silentdreamer said...

nama dye yg de tulis kt pic 2..
maki horikita..
ok2..t kte msg ngan kte kem slm ek..