Friday, 30 September 2011



Tak tahula kenapa tapi sejak semalam, aku asyik rasa sedih je. Even now, sad background song is playing in my mind over and over again. It's not that I'm sad cause I missed my friends or I regret of being unemployed, but actually, there is some situation that I had to accept which is sooo pathetic.

I'm not actually complaining for what Allah gave me but I'm writing this just to, you know, think again, to clear out my mind. I am always a dreamer. A person with a big dream and also a big fat day-dreamer. Yeah, I know it's not good to be a day-dreamer.

So, I'm having this dream to attract people into Islam. There was one time I thought like how I wish to be a famous person, then it was easy, we dont have to put a lot of effort to attract people learn about Islam. Somehow, from one corner of my mind, there's a thought of hey, when you are famous, you need to watch what you've said about Islam because if you accidentally say something wrong about Islam, you'll be in BIG trouble here in this world and hereafter. Plus, you have to watch what you're saying to take care of everyone's heart. and it can take us to a condition where our writing become not 100% pure from our heart.

Whoa!! That is totally madness and sadness. 

When I reflect, yahh only Allah knows what the best situation that suits me the most. You dont have to whining about your state of condition because you'll never know whether it's good or bad for you. Only Allah knows. 

Last but not least, THANK YOU ALLAH! for everything :)

Okay, I have to go now. There's a sharing moment coming up!

Jaa ne~~ peace be upon you, readers! ^_^

Thursday, 29 September 2011



4 hours ago, something terrible came up and I feel so trapped with it until I decided to just stop for a while from  what I've been doing. Put all things aside and lay down on my favourite chocolate sofa. Thinking...thinking...and thinking. Really, I was thinking just to find something positive from this matter. Although it really get me tangled, I have to.. because I believe what happens has its own silver lining. Allah made that happen especially for me and I dont think that happen to my other friends who are going to NZ. 

Yup, I did found the positive thoughts but in just on my mind. Deeply inside, only Allah knows how do I felt. So, I just lay down and take a rest while the time flows like a speed racer. 

Then, after I finished my prayer, I took a fold of paper from my jar of reminder (previous post) and wondering what Allah wanted to say to me. Then, the paper showed a sentence which says;

"And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak." (4 :28)

I cried happily even though the problem has not been solved yet. But I cried cause I feel blessed and lucky to have a chance to feel His love. to feel Allah's love. At that time, I knew that all the positive things that I have noted before is TRUE. 

and ONE OF THE THINGS that is soooo TRUE is:


Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah T_T

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


seriously now, i feel guilty to Allah. i know it is not a good thing to do. arghh!! but at the same time, i really dont want to make the person feel shame or dissapointed. i know and i'm trying to stop it but it just keep going and going cause that person always try to lengthen it. *sigh*

Ya Allah, please help me through this. I dont want to get any "liitle heart"-disease.

okay, if you're reading this, please understand me and dont get me wrong! we know our limit and let's just be friend to please Allah. I love that kind of friends :D

more than that, let Allah does His works.

I'm writing this cause I admit that I'm His weak slave T_T

Friday, 23 September 2011



Alhamdulillah for everything that Allah has given me. this week had been such another blessing from Allah to me. This morning, i just had a happy sharing moment with my 'lucky girls..haha. (okey, only them who understand this).

I'm writing this because I just want to share a video from this guy and what he said in his speech really made me touched deeply inside. yahh, i know we know about it but how often did we remember about what we know? we are human and human always forget. and that's why we need a REMINDER, right?!

ooookay, this is the video :D have fun while watching it! and one more thing, this guy is funny. i laugh many times, hearing his story ^_^

that's all folks! peace be upon you :D

Thursday, 22 September 2011


assalamualaikum everyone!!

just to inform you, my readers, i just got addicted to tumblr and here's mine. insyaAllah i will make it as my great reminder pockets. you can follow too if you want..hehe

Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Alhamdulillah cause Allah is still giving and showing His love to all of us and in this case me and my dear friends :) just like a hadith down here;

On the authority of Mu’aawiyyah who said, the Messenger of Allah s.a.w said,  

“he who Allah wants good for, He gives him understanding of the deen (religion).”  

[Hadeeth reported by Bukhaari and Muslim] 

today, me and my friends had a chance to join a happy sharing circle with our senior. before that, i want to thank everyone for being there to share everything which are wonderful, WONDERFUL thoughts!! 

one thing that i learnt today that i remember sooo much is to be a BELIEVER is such an amazing job. you know, before this, when i heard in AlQuran, sentences like...  

"O you who believe!" or "O you believers!", 

i just thought like.... 

"okay, that's a sentence for mu'minun (people who believe) and yah, i think me and all of us, muslims are the one who believes in what Islam teaches. so, we have to take note that ayat...maybe there's something that Allah wants us to do.."

i didnt say that this kind of thought is wrong. it is absolutely true! but somehow, this morning, i came to realize that i never think of how amazing to be one of the believers!! i mean, to be a believers or mu'minun is not easy. do you really really really believes in Allah? please dont get me wrong. what actually i want to say is do you feel Allah is watching you? do you feel and confident that one day, there will be The Judgement Day where every single thing that you did will be shown and measure? do you really bear in mind that Angels are exist? 

think again!! 

to KNOW and to BELIEVE is wayyyy DIFFERENT!

let me give you an analogy, do you think H. Pylori (bacteria) is exist? 

if you know it, you'll say : "yah, it exists cause i learnt about it in school."

but if you believe it, you'll be like : "it really exists okay, cause i see it moves during my lab time and i was the one who got stomach ulcer from it. so, dont you dare to say it's not exist" (haha..maybe a little exaggeration there :P)

(i hope my analogy bad)

a believer is the one who are confident and have faith on Allah and His message. not everyone on this earth can have faith on something which are cannot be detected by our senses. i guess i dont have to give any example because everyone can relate that one, right? 

so, if you believe deep down in your heart that there will be hereafter and this world is just a temporary place we stop by, you will not letting yourself to be 'high' in false things and take you away from Allah and teachings of Islam. 

take an example --> you are bear in mind, believe if you go to amazon river, you'll got bitten nonstop by the piranha 'monsters' and feel a serious painful injury like hell and end up, you are dead! if that's so, you will not stupidly letting yourself drowning in the river.

to me, to be a BELIEVER, to believe something that we cant see, feel, touch, smell and hear is not an easy task and that's why our iman sometimes fall down and sometimes rockets up because we tend to forget about Allah and that is a HUGE reason for us to always get a reminder. 

that's all we need everytime, a reminder that will take us closer and closer to Allah. *wishingitsomuch*

i'm writing this because i want to remind myself in the first place and maybe it can become your reminder too :D *sharing is caring*

lovemuch and peacebeuponyou ^_^

Tuesday, 6 September 2011



thank you Allah for the last 2 days. the days that You gave make me smile happily even, until now. Alhamdulillah! ^_^

sunday, 4th September 2011.

we had so much fun. going out together in darina's lagi best and atiyah's kancil to durrah's and diba's open house. yup, i hadn't seen you girls in 3 years which is super long time. and to have a wonderful day with you girls was such a bliss from Allah to me. the most important thing is each one of us is still the same person like the old days in smakl before. that day is like a non-stop laughing session. 

thank you sooo much to them for making the memorable day :

durrah, mimie, bilah, cumai, nadia, atiyah, darina, diana, mieza, ain and dibah.

you girls really made my day!!! ^_^

monday, 5th September 2011.

i called it as "THE BEST USRAHMATES OUTING EVER!!!". Allah is the best planner..masyaAllah! firstly, auni, zati and me took ERL to putrajaya and then hopped on bus to alamanda and met up with suraya and kak fiza. after that, fetched bessi and straight to bangi for bessi's partially-finished medical checkup (already settled). i feel like it was a very long day because to meet up with them was no-waste-hours at all. everyone was making easier for everyone. poor bessi.. i know she was reaaalllyy tired because after landed on KLIA from KK, she had to spent the whole day with us. sooo sorrryy bessi!

but it was a very great day! after this, everyone will be going to different places. i guess we'll not have those days like in kmb. usrah together, laughing and fighting with each other. huge thanks to kak fiza for sacrificing her time until late night sent each one of her anak usrah to their homes. 

loads of love and thank youuu to kak fiza, suraya, auni, zati, bessi and not to forget abel, wawa and tiqah.!! i love all of you soo muchh!

may Allah gives us more days like these in the future and i pray that success be with everyone of you, my dear girls! keep working and fighting in the name of Allah ^_^

again, domo arigatou gozaimase! :)