Thursday, 25 August 2011



5 days left....

seriously, it's really sad! (i'm serious, ok!). to live in this beautiful month is such a bliss. i hope i'll give all out during this Ramadhan. plus, next years ahead, i'll experience Ramadhan in different environment (if God wills). 

yup, Ramadhan isn't about fasting only. to live here in home with no bi'ah (atmosphere) like kmb or smakl makes me really learnt about tarbiyah dzatiyah. sometimes, i failed. sometimes, i succeed. no matter how hard a day can be, i'll try to keep remind myself. yup, i'm still like a baby, taking a baby steps. i'm not like those people who are absolutely fast, walking in long distance.

i'm so sorry cause i'm not a good helper. yah, put the blame on me cause i know i'm the one who are not very helpful to everyone. arghh! please Allah, makes me always think about You!

i AM a weak servant who are trying to help myself to please You. i'm envy with people who are wayy better than me. i hope i can be one of them. 

O Allah, i could only seek help from You! >_<

Tuesday, 23 August 2011



this morning, i was beaten with sleepiness for about 30+ minutes. arghhh! but it was better than yesterday. i dont know why but started from 2 days ago (i think), i had this super-big-sleppy-head that i cannot fight. *what a loser* ughhh.

okey, this morning after i woke up at 7 am. i went straight to my lappy and go online. yup, and now, it was only 8.15 am and i dont know what to log on now. you know, sometimes fb, twitter and so on might be a boredom for you. yah, especially when there's no people give any respond. 

then, i started to feel lonely. yah, lonely as in i-dont-feel-anything-at-all. there's no new videos to watch or i can say, i'm not attracted to the other videos. *okay, please ignore it*

what i'm about to say is, i open up my bloglist and started to read any post that featured. and there's one post that had something related to our prophet Muhammad pbuh and i feel that it's a super awesome post which make me reflect myself ---> "did I act like Prophet pbuh?" 

and that's when i realized, that anything that has to be something related to Allah or the Prophet, helps me to flush away all this solitary feeling. you'll not feel lonely if you know that Allah is always with you and keep on remember that our Prophet already gave us something to work on. 

so, erm what i'm trying to say is if you're feel bored, try go for something which takes us back to Allah and the prophet. you know, fb, twitter can really be a boredom. trustme! >_<

okay, i dont know why i like to crap but i just feel like to write. got to go..da~~ 

peace be upon you :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011



i love this title as soon as i see it in this article. yeah, we're left with 10 days of Ramadhan. how i wish to be in Ramadhan everyday! huhu. but never mind cause "once in a year" is one of the reason that makes Ramadhan becomes so special to me. 

so, let us all reflect ourselves now. how do we feel when we realize that there's only 10 days? happy? sad? no feeling? answer it in your heart.

yup, only Allah knows what we're feeling right?!

as in my case, it's a mixed feeling. i cant wait to switch my gear to gear 5 and i hope that i am able to do that. i'm scared too as i did many wrongdoings. there are a lot of imperfection in everything. i cant give 100% in whatever i did  and that makes me mad at myself. to be such i-dont-know-what-to-say-anymore muslim..*sigh*

but, looking back at all 20 days before, i learnt many things. especially about UMMAH. yup, this ramadhan taught me that there are Muslim everywhere around the world. even the country that i have no idea where it is (maybe, it's due to my lack of geography knowledge) have Muslims. this ramadhan, i get to know bunches of life and history of Muslim in a few countries. you know, it's really good to see different people with different lifestyle but still believe in the same thing which is the AQIDAH.

i think this ramadhan, Allah wanted to teach me that Islam is a very strong religion. Islam got many people who are willing to sacrifice themselves just to please Allah and they are no any ordinary people. they are wayyyy bigger better than myself. i would say, if i dont make any single effort for Allah and Islam, Allah and Islam will not be affected at all. 

i think IT'S TIME. it's time for me to open my eyes and realize that i have to work hard, really work hard or else YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND CAUSE YOU'RE GOOD FOR NOTHING. start to improve myself. 

dear readers and especially me, grab this last ten days! we dont know if we have the chance to meet Ramadhan again or not. 

like a 100 metres runner, once you tried so hard from the starting point and you maintain in the middle of the track, then you will not let yourself down and give up at the very end of the finish line.

insyaAllah we'll improve ourselves just for the sake of Allah. ^_^

Monday, 15 August 2011


alhamdulillah, i delivered a baby just now..haha. just kidding. i mean, i just made a new blog of mine. check it out at here. but it's not another ** where you will read all my blabbers but it just a place i want to share what i read from anywhere. it can be quotes, hadith or ayatul Quran. 

i just hope that this blog will benefit not just me but you too, my readers! that's all for now. arigato na~ for reading this! ^_^