Friday, 8 May 2009


do you read my entry before this..? yup,it's about my no-confidence-at-all. okay, i going to be honest with you now. it's all about my jpj test today. so, the result...1 failed and 1 passed. i failed three point turn which was the easiest things of all. yeah, i know that. i also didnt know that i failed at first. sad. after i knew that i failed i was soo sad. you know, there are a lot of tears in my eyes but i tried soo hard to stop it from fall. huhu.....;(

but, what happen after that was unexpectable. i thought i will get a scary jpj tester. because as i waiting for my turns which is hijau63, i saw a lot of time where the testers come to the starting point all by themselves. seriously, i thought i will not pass. but it's not!! thanks to KPP Ahmad Hilal. he was sooo nice to me.

during the on-the-road test, there are unexpected things happened. firstly, at the first traffic light, a motorcycle is crossing in front of me as i wanted to turn right to the highway. yeah, it was the motorcycle fault. but , thank god mr tester press the break. (haha) if not, it will become a trauma for me...;)

second, i watched an accident happen in front of my eyes.. seriously, it was unbelievable. you know what, i also asked mr tester during the test..(haha)

me: encik nampak tak tu??
mr tester: haah!

but, we just straight heading to the driving school (hik3). i also did a very stupid thing today. i didnt realize that i put my i.c in my pocket. so, after i had done the test, it was 5.40 p.m, i went to the testers small office in block c. there was two men there (nope, there are not the tester). so, i asked for my i.c. and here goes the talk.....

me: saya tak dapat i.c saya la...waktu dah habis test parking tu dia tak bagi...
man#1: biar betul? selalunya bagi...cuba check poket.

so, i checked my pocket. tee-hee. i took out the i.c and show to them.

me: hehe..ade dah. sory ye!
man#1: simpan elok2
me: still laughing to cover my stupid act
man#2: macamana tadi? lulus?
me: oo...parking je yang tak..
man#2: oo..takpe. nanti buat balik. gudluck!!

ahhh...they are soo kind. i dont know why before this i thought all jpj people are very scary and serious human being (haha).

i also want to thanks to a lady which i dont know her name from the first time we met until the last time (haha;) thanks for all the advice. if not, i will fail my test, cs.!!


mimie said...

see i know u can :)

silentdreamer said...

thnk u sooo much!!
syg ko sgt2!!
saranghae chingu..