Tuesday, 19 April 2011



first of all, let us say ALHAMDULILLAH, All praises to Allah for all the things that He gave and is giving us now and today. here's a quote that i read on twitter just now.
(i dont remember the exact one)


wahh..masyaAllah! eventhough people will see bad thing happened as a jinx but we as a Muslim will certainly see that there is always a good side of every single things happened. 

only the TRUE MUSLIM can feel that and only the TRUE MUSLIM can think with such mindset (or in SOLUSI mag, they say 'tauhidic mindset') and these kind of people with a very genuine heart will feel a very sweetest feeling ever which is HALAWATUL IMAN or in malay, KEMANISAN IMAN or in english, THE SWEETNESS OF IMAN (i apologise if it's not the correct one...hehe)

that's what we supposed to feel in every single second in every single act that we did..the sweetness of everything. everything happens for a reason which is A GOOD ONE!

to talk about halawatul iman, i'm not the one who is very expert in this but i could only share what i have read in SOLUSI mag just now and some of things that i said here are based on 'kulsem' in surau blok f. 

one of my friends said,
may everything that we did today, that we work for, which are full of hardship and sacrification...may those things happened for the sake of Allah.
because as a student, we are 'very dissolved' in our own world (study, exam, club activities, friends, online) until at some point, we forgot about our reason to live here in this world. we forgot about Our God, Allah.

As in Al-Quran stated,
"And I (Allâh) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)."

people who feel the halawatul iman are the ones who love Allah and the prophet more than anything else. so, how to do that? how to love Allah in that kind of manner? in the mag, the writer give a Malay saying, "tak kenal maka tak cinta.." or in english, "you dont love if you dont know it". well, same thing goes with Allah. you will not love if you dont really know who is Allah and if you dont know Allah, you will not know what is true-est purpose of LIFE!

and our heart (deepest heart or iman) is a medium that we use to know about Allah. 

let me give an analogy,
if we put sugar on tounge that has an ulcer on it, surely, we will not feel the sweet taste, right?! 

that's what Halawatul iman really is! we dont really really love and feel Allah if our heart is sick nor not clean, pure enough. astaghfirullah.

let us reflect ourselves. what we are doing now? is it will bring towards Allah or not. this is very important because every second that we have is like a business and our profit from our business will be revealed in hereafter. as long as we have chance to breathe, go do some profitable business!

actually, i want to say more but i have a mock exam tomorrow. very well, salam and may Allah bless us! amin ya rabbal 'alamin..


Saturday, 16 April 2011



good day to everyone!

just a short update to tell you but i dont know if it's really matters that i have to tell you about this. i'm not sure. but just let me finish it quickly okay? then, we could end this session and go back prepare for the final!! bahaha (sangat tak ikhlas -.-)

okay, move on. 

yesterday, i opened my official email (specially made for official things only!) and guess what?? i got 2 conditional offer letters. one is from victoria university of wellington and another one is lincoln university. actually, these are my 3rd and 4th choice and i'm still waiting for my 1st and 2nd choice, university of auckland and university of waikato. 

but if ALLAH decides that I wouldn't get my 1st and 2nd choice, i would say Alhamdulillah because at least i get the offer right?! but if it's meant to be that i get my 1st and 2nd choice, i say Alhamdulillah too!! ^_^

however, there's a big problem here. but nevermind, i will not tell about that. what's more important is for me to keep on putting the effort so that i can make myself qualified to go there. insyaAllah. this is not easy coz if i dont meet the MARA requirement, they will not pay the fees etc.. 

so, now, bella, you have to keep moving on! struggle in the name of Allah. 

O Allah, please make this sacrification beneficial to my Akhirat. amin ya rabbal 'alamin..! ~_~   

Sunday, 10 April 2011



it's has been a tough week not just for me only but also my dearest friends in kmb. may everything happened will make us stronger and more depending on Allah..^_^

well, now, i feel like to have a STORY TIME!!

i knew this wonderful story from my classmate, J and then it became my favourite when i read it for the second time on twitter by islamic thinking. 

it's about one of the Rasulullah's companions, Salman al-Farisi RA. yeah, i know everyone knew him because of what he did in Ahzab war, right?! but, who knows about the story before he became a Muslim.?? anyone?? hehe.

alright! sit up straight and lend me your eyes, kay?

to make it short, Hazrat Salman Al-Farisi RA was searching for Prophet in city full of dates that was claimed by his Christian priest in Mosul during his near-death. The priest also gave clues to meet the right person.

"Between his shoulder blades, there will be the Seal of the Prophethood. He will eat food, provided it is a gift and not a donation."
So, after a long time (you can read more here), Hazrat Salman RA got himself to Yathrib (which is the old name of Madinah) as a servant. At that time, he was on top of a date tree, doing his work but suddenly he stopped and climbed down when he heard his master said that on that day, a Prophet will come to their city.

and Hazrat Salman RA himself narrates:

I left the house for a while, making inquiries. I asked a woman I met from the city whose entire family had become Muslim. She showed me the way to the Prophet .

When it was evening, I took some food with me and went to the Prophet . The Prophet was in Quba at the time. I said,

“Word has reached me that you are a very pious man, and that you have some travellers in your company. I had some charity and thought that you would be most deserving of it. This is it; you may have some to eat.”

The Prophet withdrew his own hand, not eating from it, but told his Companions to eat. At the time, I thought, “This is one of the characteristics my Mentor (priest) told me of.”

On my way back, I saw that the Prophet was heading to Madinah . Thus, I took the food to him, saying,
“I saw that you were not eating from this charity. As a matter of fact, I presented it as a gift and not charity.”

This time, the Prophet also ate with his Companions. “That makes two signs,” I thought.
Later on, I approached the Prophet as he was walking behind the corpse in a funeral. I remember that at the time, he was covered in two sheets, and that his Companions were with him.

I was trying to steal a look at the Seal on his back,
when the Prophet saw me glancing.
Realising that I wanted to verify what someone had told me,
he let his cloak drop a little,
and I managed to see that the Seal between his shoulder blades was exactly the way my Mentor had described it.
I threw myself down before the Prophet (sallallahu-alayhi wasallam) kissing (his blessed hands/feet) and started to cry.
The Holy Prophet said, “O Salman! Reveal your story.”

So I sat in front of him, relating my story to him and hoping that his Companions could also hear it. When I had finished, the Prophet said,

“O Salman! Make a deal with your owner to free you.”
it was a very cute story for me. how sweet is that when rasulullah dropped his cloak to make it easier for Salman to know he is the right person. ^_^

woahh!! i mean, i'm soooo impressed with Salman RA for his courage and determination to find Rasulullah and i'm sure he would consider it is the best-est moment of his life.

i wonder when can i have that kind of moment of my life like that??

to cry happily when i see Rasulullah...

somehow, it makes me feel so sad. Muhammad s.a.w is not here in our time.

how fortunate Salman RA and his friends can have a really great, precious moment with Rasulullah and i hope one day, i will have my own moment with Rasulullah.

not here in this World but in Hereafter. how I wish that he knows about me....

till then, salam to all readers!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011



a very soothing feeling whenever i'm listening to maher zain's freedom. i dont know how to describe it but this feeling somehow makes me feel like want to be closer and getting closer to Allah, my ultimate lover.

how precious life is when we know that He always be right there beside us!
and how life would better off when we always know that He will look at us, helping us to get through every single thing happens in life..
how precious the moment is when people misunderstood us, we were just thinking about You, knowing that You know every single thing happens. 
how great the feeling is when we can feel the love and it happens to be when we're talking (praying) to You!
how touching it was when we could feel You everytime we breathe for every second of our life.!

oh how great is that!

O Allah, for every single time of my life, i want to feel this song of soul.
a hearty touch of Your love.
always and always... 
and I pray that you will give each one of us to feel You and Your love and make us closer to You, O Allah.
how great the world is if everyone shares this kind of feeling. together feeling the same soothing moment which i'm sure everyone smile with the true-est smile ever... 

much love to You, O Allah! keep us closer to You forever. ~_~ 

Sunday, 3 April 2011



hari ini alhamdulillah dapat luangkan masa sebaik2nya..alhamdulillah!!

tadi tengok la blog2 orang lain. dah lama kot tak tengok blog orang. selalunya tulis post and then terus sign out buat kerja lain. tapi alhamdulillah tadi dapat bukak blog sorang kawan ni. nama dia atiqah hanis. kawan sekolah lama dulu.

bila bukak2 baru tahu dia dah fly ke australia. tengok gambar2 dia membuatkan aku bersemangat balik nak strive for this final exam. it's gonna be a mental and physical exam. exam kali ni sangat penting utk make sure aku dapat scholarship utk fly ke NZ which is in feb 2012. (lambat kan..?) tapi tak kesahla kalau Allah izinkan, rasa bersyukur sangat2!!

bella, buat betul2!! dont u ever ever let yourself down..! irp pon nak start! arghh..takpe2 insyaAllah boleh punye laahh!!

sekian, salam semua :D

p/s : mintak maaf tuan punya belog dalam keadaan yang agak tidak stabil due to everything happens in her surrounding.