Thursday, 4 November 2010

as-sharh : 6


many things happen in these 3,2 days. yahh..i dont think i cant handle it all. but thanks to Allah, i managed to do it.

malay IOC : check!!
english ORAL : check!!
IELTS result : yeahh...check!!

and Alhamdulillah once again, i passed IELTS with band 7. it's not that great compared to everyone but alhamdulillah, i dont have to re-sit it and spend rm500++.

but one thing, i haven't done is my MATH PORTFOLIO. sorry, pn Khuzaimi, i was not feeling well. i just got back from clinic and doc said, i have denggi symptoms. *how do we spell 'denggi' in english??*

so, everyone, drink loadsss of water!! now, i heard many people got this symptoms. many people around me are not feeling well. you see, there are many factors that can make an IB student sick;

1st, you dont sleep because you want to finish your portfolio.
2nd, you dont eat much because you think you dont have time to exercise and you scared you're getting fat.
3rd, you have to attend IRP plus prepare for IOC and oral which makes you feel tense and so much more.

to conclude, once you're an IB student, you always think about IB thingy~~!!

well, i say yeah, i do have that reasons but one more important thing (to remember) rely between that is

"Verily with every difficulty there is relief." 94:6

to make sure that you dont feel stress?

that is why Allah told us to perform prayers, to tadabbur Al-Quran and to see the wonders of creation of Allah like sky, clouds etc.

it's like a GETAWAY.

seriously, you feel it deep inside your heart if you try to see these (including your problems) with your ISLAM eyes. to relate everything with Allah. and i can say, it's not easy to do that. but I WANT to.

that's most people cant do. FIKRAH is possible.

and i am trying to do it.


...cintajihad... said...

simptom deggi ?
ish, jaga diri.
insyaAllah everything will be fine :)

Atiqah Hanis said...

bella hebatnya!!
tahniah for ur ielts result ya!!
and the spelling is "dengue" :)

take good care of urself! ^^

AxL VoGa said...

Bella, congrats! HEHE!

atiqahazmi said...

it's dengue. biar betul, x bagi tau aku pun kau sakit?

aunihannan. said...

makcik...betoi ka? symptom denggi?
(mengerutkan dahi) emm...jaga diri taw...have rest, inform me if u need any help...risau ni~

silentdreamer said...

nazurah>> ye cik! sye akan jaga diri sye...tharuu2~~

tqahanis>> time kasih! n thanks for the spelling..hehe

che'>> arigato na~~ ^_^

dua2 usrahmateku, atiqah n auni>>
jgn rsau2 ye..sye okay. da baik da..agpon sye makan ubat!! don worry!! awwhh, terharu!!