Monday, 11 May 2009



today, knowing that many friends of mine are going to further their study makes me feel sad and jealous. yeah! everybody is going different way.huhu;(

i just came back from my village which is in perlis. after almost a month my grandparents left the house, me and my family and of course, my grandparents went back there. suprisingly, there a LOT of trash there. not to mention dust and animals lived there. it just like a zoo. so, we're together cleaned the house until it become the five star hotel!(hik3!just kidding!)

okay, frog is the most thing in the world that makes me crazy. seriously, it's freaking me out. you know what, when i had to clean the at the back at the house. suddenly, there were 5 (yucks!) frogs playing with each other. i dont know where they were come from. automatically, i screamed and ran like hell.


very funny,huh?! but, thank god we were there to help my grandmother. if not, i'm sure it will take 2 days to clean the whole house all by herself!!

okay, i think that's all!!


...cintajihad... said...


suddenly, there were 5 (yucks!) frogs playing with each other.

klaka la statement ko yg ni


nice post!!

silentdreamer said...

tu mmg statement ikhlas dr lubuk hati ak..