Saturday, 31 October 2009



refer to the's very cliche rite?? but frankly to say, it's the truth!! erm..i'm really happy now.^^

yesterday, my dad came to take me and my cousin. then, we went to ikbn sepang to take my other cousin and next to upm..yup! it's just me , my dad and my cousins!!hik3. the reason is last night after maghrib we were heading to klang where my cousin's (the ikbn one) house. his parents will going to perform haj next monday. so, there will be a kenduri doa selamat to pray for their safety during their journey. insyallah amin...

it's really good to be there with your big family. because 1 month stuck in kmb really made me dizzy and wizzy. no pressure at all. no homework to be think of. no worries!! just keep smiling and helping each other. so, after the kenduri finished, we were doing all works together. yah..all the cleaning things...~ after all the things done, we were leaving at 1 in the morning. everybody was tired and helpless. when we were on the road, everybody slept including me. poor my dad, he had to drive all by himself from klang to cheras...*-*

i remembered when i talked to my cousin when we were taking rest at the kenduri. he was very sleepy as i can see his red eyes. and i say.." mengantuk gila..merah da mata.." then he said, " ni bukan mengantuk, ni sharingan la.." (very funny)^_^.

next day, we're having late breakfast at 10 as everybody still tired except for my mom cause she made the breakfast. then, one of my cousin (sharingan tuu) he wanted to go back to college back early as he said he got something to do. then, my other cousin too. now, there's no cousin here anymore. what i like the most when i got here in my home is the food. having lunch which was ikan keli goreng and pegaga plus sambal belacan and kerabu mangga erm what else..ah cream! we do love ice cream!! it was a great feeling!! now you know i'm kind of obsessed with food..haha:) my sister want to capub too. she said she likes to eat petai.she really did!! she's just 7 years old. even i'm the eldest didn't like petai..hoho

okay, that's enough for now. there's something to read. next week tests are waiting for me..biology and chemistry..!!huhu~_~

till the next post..jaa ne!!

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