Tuesday, 20 October 2009



it's quite long time since i posted last entry. erm..i'm okay. until today, tuesday, this week is not hectic like i predicted in the last entry. one of the reason is the kmb sports carnival has been cancelled but the international fair is still going on. like what i said previously, my team chose MEXICO. so, we have to make a board to give some info about our country. and you know what, we're the girls were supposed to make the decorations for the board and the guys do the infos. the board has to be done before yesterday (monday) but what made us (the girls) freaking mad is when the guys did not did any of their work..anything!. seriously, we were reallllyyy pissed offf!!!! i feel like i want to send a bomb to them, the nuclear one!! when we said that they have to get their work done, can you imagine when one of the guys send this kind of message-->"kitorang x janji lagi..ho3" like hell...!seriously, you thought by sending message like that will make us laugh?? what-so-eva!!

but then, it's lucky to have girls like us who really good at doing everything. we were working from evening until midnight to make it done. and luckily, we did!! and then, the next day, we paste all the things we did. it was beautiful!! and i like it, eventhough it was a last minute work..! if i have time, i'll show you.^^and today, my mexico team was qualified for the next game, yeay!! well done teammates..!^_^ and one more thing, i helped my classmates who weren't my mexico group but ITALY group. they cooked spaghetti and lemon "shrubs?" (i don't know if the spelling is correct..) for the cooking competition. the food was great! i love it!! good job guys!!^_^

erm, i think that's all for now. all the best for those who taking their exams..!especially, my friends in matrix. mine will be at 2nd december..it's coming soon. and i didnt prepare anything yet..hik3.

till then, jaa~~


aBez said...

boys mmg cm2..saba bella n u'r doing great job+)
wish me luck,,akk xam 2nd nov ni~~

silentdreamer said...

kak fiza>>haah..mmg boys cm2..nyampah tol!! thank u..insyaallah akk ley wt punye..hik3^^