Friday, 9 October 2009

tersekat ke??

assalamualaikum... it's already past midnight but amazingly, i didnt feel sleepy yet.!! why is it?? erm..i guess sleeping this evening really made the sleepiness go away. notice that i was really happy in the previous post..yup it's really made me but it's just a short term happy as it didnt give me any happiness in the future.. so, bella what for?? ( i'm talking to myself) just focus and focus!! your final will be in 8 weeks to go. didnt you feel the nervous or something?? so, make it, move it, do something, bella!!!!

i was pretty bad in my previous tests. yup, it was really upset me all the time. but i guess face it with no feeling is the best way to react!! was it?? nayhh..i dont think so. bella, do something or you will cry through all days in better do that!

you see, i'm pretty lazy right now. that's why i write this..(^^)

okay, move on. now in kmb, there will be a pilihan raya. i forgot when but i think i want to make an UNDI ROSAK!!haha. i'm really bad, rite??! i dont know why but i didnt feel the eagerness to vote..i'm sorry my dear candidates, having me as one of your voters really screwed you up!!hik3. i dont know if i did a grammar mistake..i just write ikut sedap hati je...^_*

next, i was really glad that my agama presentation turned out really well. at first, i thought it will be a period for my dear classmates to shut their eyes and having some fantasy..haha.*_* seriously, it looked like everybody enjoy the presentation especially when jannah brought out her jiwang words..hoho~~ to go!! bedtime^_^
jaa ne~~


mimie said...

beeeeleeee! kite tension gile. blaja blaja blaja tp mcm xkan habis habis semua tjuk nk dicover :(((( freaking scareeed!!!!!!!

silentdreamer said...

mimie>> mimie...relax!!! i know u can!! slowly and steady..insyaallah.! i'll pray 4 u^^