Monday, 12 October 2009



like the title said, bila diorang semua nak tinggalkan's sad rite?? very sad for me..!!!
as for everyone, i mean my dearest friends want to leave malaysia...arghh!! can't take it anymore when everybody keep telling that they're going overseas. it's not about jealousy or what but it's a SAD feeling, really3 sad when now is not the same..! after this, i cant hang out with ain halil anymore..seriously, when she said she want to go al-azhar, i was really sad and kind of mad when she said it's tommorow..!! but ain, it's okay at least you tell me that, right??
this feeling biuld up even stronger when my very2 mr singam-tuition-friends, nadia and nadzir also went there. weyh!!! tinggal aku sorang je tak fly lagi!!huhu:(

but it's okay as i still have others high school friends who really2 stress with their final rite now..!hik3. korang all the best!!! to my friends in egypt and jordan, don't forget to ON YOUR YM!! okay?? seriously, sedih gila!! dah la tak dapat hang out dengan korang..hantar pon tak..alih2 terus fly..!!huhu-_-

okay, i had to delete this feeling for a while coz i've got malay test just another few minutes..gtg..bye2!!


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