Wednesday, 8 April 2009


this is the first post ever!!(feel the excitement??)
so..i decided to write my blog in english eventhough my english is bad.
i hope you can understand what i'm saying.;)

hmmm..these days, i become addicted to one person that is hiro mizushima. I always talk about this with mimie. right,mie?! (haha) I don't know if you know him or not. he is a perfect guy for me. but the sad things about him is he had tie a knot. it was shocking!!! every fan of hiro reaalllyyy did. so, it is a big thing for me but i hope that they will become a great couple. HIRO.AYAKA.(really,it is so hard to write the previous line).

so, that is a part of myself. i'm pretty sure you have it too right?!

now,I am so nervous about my interview. how it is going to be??;(
thinking about my english plus no skills to talk spontaneously (just like public speaking) make me feel worried so much!!
thanks to all my friends for your support. all the tips that you gave, i will practice on that day. one more thing i want to tell. it is on 13th april and that day is HIRO's birthday.;)

(how bad was my english??)


Bradpetehoops said...

Very Nice So Cute Couple!

mimie said...

not bad as mine :D good luck for interview and let's go clebrate Hiro's birthday!

silentdreamer said...

thanks mie!!
let's celebrate his bday!!

nabilah shukri said...

xpe bell..ade hrpn ag nk msok line..hehe..
btw..gud luck!

silentdreamer said...

thnks bil!!!