Monday, 27 April 2009


today, early this morning, i already had my bad day. all of this thanks to a lady from my driving school. yeah! thanks to you for making me feel very mad and sad this day. THANK U SOOO MUCH!!

so,here's the story...
i just wake up from my sleep and after an hour (i think), there's a call from ******. so, this particular lady sounds very mad and she said;

lady: bila kamu nak bayar nih?!! akak nak book test untuk kamu!!
me: esok kot..(with a very decent voice)
lady: hah!! esok?! akak nak kamu bayar hari ini jugak!! kalau tak akak potong nama kamu dan letak hari jumaat...

very rude!! i know that you have some troubles with your work. but hey! everybody got their own problem!! what the heck you want to give some of your anger to me..?!

fyi, before this, i mean, on the day which i booked my test in the school. i arranged it with other lady and this lady said i have to pay before 30th april. so, i dont think i had to pay it today. plus, my parents just got their salaries..(it is the spelling right??) so, i thought i want to go to the school tomorrow..but that lady just made me sick!!

so, i decided to change the test on friday. so, you (that lady), shut your mouth up!! glad i have a place to release it all.........fewh~
.......i guess i feel better now...;)


mimie said...

chillax bbe :D that woman sounds jerk! hahahaha ignore her~

silentdreamer said...

thnks mie!!
she's just not sound like a jerk that time but she is a j***..

seribu satu kenangan said...

sbr lah ye..biasa r tue tpi mmg mmbngkitkan kmarahan...hahaha~

silentdreamer said...

tw xpe..
saba je la..

...cintajihad... said...


klaka la bella nh..

tp mmg btol pon..

saket jiwa je rasa dgn org mcm tu:)

silentdreamer said...

btol 2 nazurah..
mmg saket jiwa,,

Zahra said...

uhh, panas, panas

Bell, aura kaw marah smpai dekat aku la..
takpe,takpe, dah ujan.


silentdreamer said...

klaka ko ima..
tp seb bek da ujan..
hati ak pon da lembap da..
x pnas da..

Sabrina said...

bella sabar..
akk tue kene syndrome PMS..

silentdreamer said...

mayb kot..