Thursday, 23 April 2009



now, i just on my way to finish nobuta wo produce. that jseries is sooo awesome.
if you never watch it yet and you feel like to watch jseries, believe me, you have to watch it.!!
at this particular time, i am sooo disgust with aoi(one of the characters)!! (aoi, get away from my screen, you freak!!)

okay, here's something that i want to share. have you ever feel that you are going to be something that you dont like so much?? for example, me, i dont like gold accessories.!! totally!! if there's any conversation about that between my mom and her sisters. i feel like "what are they talking about? are there no better things to talk!" (apologise for those who like gold, jewel and etc.) yup, just like when my dad saw me getting excited about jkseries.

but, when i think of it again, hey! i will be like that someday. as we know, women and jewels have very deep connection. every women in malaysia loves jewelery, right?! if there's a women, i repeat WOMEN, who does not like jewelery, tell me.!! so, i just cant imagine. am i going to be like my mom and her sisters?? is it my daughter also feel annoyed when she hears i'm talking about jewelery things just like i did??(i am soo futuristic!!haha)

hmm...i guess anyone will think of that too but with different aspects and views. so, future is unexpectable. what i learned is when we are moving forward, dont forget to look back and surroundings. sometimes there are answers right in front of our eyes but we cant see it., i feel like i'm an old woman who trapped in a girl's body (lol..;)..

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