Monday, 13 April 2009


first of all, i want to say happy birthday to my hero,HIRO MIZUSHIMA.

i just finished playing game with my bro. hmm...i want to tell you about my interview this morning.

around 10.15, i arrived mara building and straight to the registration center. my interview supposed at 11 o'clock(in the offer letter). there, i talk with a girl behind me. she is from mrsm balik pulau. she said she want to take tesl. just talking a little bit then after i register, me and my family go the nearest restaurant to have breakfast there. i dont feel hungry at all because i'm so nervous about the interview.

at 11 am, the receptionist make an announcement. so, i have tag written "panel 9". because of that, i have to go to the 12th floor. at the same time, my family had to wait for me in the lobby. after i reached the 12th floor, i have to write name in a paper and then, wait for my turn. there, i meet a girl from islamic school in terengganu. after a while, there's a girl enter the room followed by two boys. the girl is from "S.A.B"(you know what is it, right?!) and the boys from SAINS SELANGOR and ASIS. as usual, me and the 2 girls are sooo nervous. everyone dont seem want to sit properly. so, me and the girls plus the sains selangor have a chat. but the asis is so weird. he just stand away from us. i think maybe he is d*** nervous.

you know what, the sains selangor is so relax and so cool. gosh..he seems like nothing is happen. then, he told us that this is the 3rd times he goes for interview. (oh...) before this, he went to tnb and petronas(chemical engineering)..(wow!!!). he also told us how was the interview. okay...i guess i have to stop talking about the boy.

then, after the girl from terengganu finished her interview. she comes to us and tell that she had to recite and do tarannum because she had certificates of alquran class and ihtifal for hafazan. plus she also wears tudung bidang 60. at that moment, i was so shocked!! (oh no!! i have that certificate too). in my mind, there's a lot of things going on. (am i have to do that too??) nooooo......!!!

so, it's my turn now. as i enter the room, i see a young lady and a man in front of me. first, they ask for my form and certificates. as usual, they ask me some questions:

1) tell us about yourself?
2) what did you do in school?(prefect, naqibah and so on...)
3) how about your co-curicular activities?
4) what do you know about biotechnology?
5) which country do you want to go? (at least two)
6) do you accept to study in local u?
7) do you any disease? (that's the easiest question so far..haha)
8) any question?

so, that are the questions and for the last question, you have to ask them (anything...!)
if not, they will find that we are not interested about the scholarship.

i think i satisfied with the interview. i did answer all of the question. plus, i didnt have to tarannum. (fewh~) so i guess i did pretty well.(hehe) it's just my thought..

so, my friends who are going for interview,especially temah,dura,dba,tqa hanis. relax and smile.!! i know you can do it. you are wayyy better than me. just imagine it's kind like taaruf. (haha)

i also want to say thank you sooooo much for people who wish me luck. (mimi, nazurah, ima, aj, temah, dura, tqahanis, alia adilah, fathin, ammar,my cousin izzat and cs afifah and sory if i didnt write your name. tell me, i can put your name in).


mimie said...

congrates belle! on msn jom, let's start the broken conversation!

silentdreamer said...

thnk u mie!!
syg ko..haha

...cintajihad... said...

ak doakan dari jauh insyaAllah ade rezeki kwn 11 tahun ak ni^_^..
t kalau dpt blanje pizza pun ok gak..
xpun kfc pun boleh la:)

hajar said...

congrats bella!=P

nadzbuzz said...

ingt Singgam..

silentdreamer said...

nazurah>>kalo ak dpt biaswa+ak de duit..skg pokai la..hheehe

aj>>thnk u!!

jue>>thnks..ak akn igt singam spai ble2..hehe

hanis said...

quite good i think..
anyway kalau dapat t
let me know okie?
thanx too 4 ur support
during my i/v!!!

silentdreamer said...

no prob..;)