Saturday, 18 April 2009



actually i want to have a talk (IM) but ym and msn are so mean. i dont know why but the problem makes me so sick of it. so, i decided to go to sleep. but before that, as usual, i will listen to my favourite song. one more time-tree bicycle (ost BOYS OVER FLOWERS) and my sunshine- rock a trench (ost MEICHAN NO SHITSUJI). gosh...i'm sooo in love with these songs. the japanese song reminds me of hiro-kun.(hehe) but the korean song is soooo beautiful. if you have free time, please listen this song in youtube with english translation. if you're reaalllyyy a big fan of bof, i promise you will miss them so much. that song is awesome. especially for those who are in love, (yup!!) this is the best song for you..(haha) i dont know why i am soo emotional??;)

here's one more thing i want to tell you, if you like you want to play chess and you want to win. tell me because i am a person who is a big L in chess. unfortunately, i know how to play but i had no idea to think of a strategy and whatsoever. believe me, if you want to win, just call my name. but, if you lose to me. i guess you should be worry. (haha)

i guess i have nothing much to say. till then, bye!;)

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