Wednesday, 22 April 2009



today,22nd april, i want to wish happy birthday to my bro and my little sister. fyi, they had the same birthday but of course, different year. i hope that both of you will work harder, especially my bro, he is going to take pmr this year. fighting!!;) may all your wishes come true. and lastly, dont make me mad..(haha). this is a warning;)

and also, happy birthday to kaka. eventhough he dont know about this, it's ok. i am big fan of him. (go,kaka! stick to ac milan!!) he is the most handsome football player i have ever seen. and for sure, he has a great football skills.
okay, enough about birthday. i want to tell my friends out there. (x smakl f5 2008). there will be a farewell party. diana said because after this, we are going to study separately.(huuhu) i just do what mimie said.(right,mie?!) it's on wednesday, 29th april in midvalley. (i'm sorry if i'm wrong..mie, is it correct?!) i hope everybody will be there and have a lot of fun. (but, i didnt ask my parents yet..haha) i will definitely missing of you guys!! huhu

...that cake is awesome!!...
...hey, granpa! can i take that cake and give it to my bro?! haha:)...


mimie said...

hahaha yeah happy brthday Angah and Jia!!

silentdreamer said...

thnk u mie..
i will let them know..

mimie said...

hey bbe, I'm not that awesome! Go***g >.<