Sunday, 12 April 2009



just like the pictures said, i would like to thank to my aunt, maksu because she lend me her broadband for almost 3 weeks!! hey..if it's me, i cant give my broadband for such a long time.(i'm a bad girl..hehe) because of maksu, i can talk to my friends the whole day, im not bored anymore and i own my blog too. so, it's a big deal for me.

anyone that text to me, im so sorry i cant reply. i dont have money right now.(hehe)

actually, my brother is at home right now. at first, he went back because he had to finish his geography project. but now, he had "measel" (i dont know how to spell it). something like chicken pox (the doctor said). unfortunately, he got five dayss "mc". oh no!!..i guess i have to fight with him to make sure i can online.(huhu)

okay, i have to prepare for tomorrow. wish me luck. im soooo nervous right now. i even cant think of it!!

내가 인터뷰를 잘되기를 바랍니다.!
...pray for me..;)

p/s: mie, maybe we can msn everyday..


...cintajihad... said...

k bella..
papehal jgn lupa doa n selawat byk2 tw!
wish u all da best 4 da interview^_^

mimie said...

yayy! goodluck bella! chaiyok :D

silentdreamer said...

nazurah + mimie>> thnk u so much, both of u!!!
syg korg sgt2..