Thursday, 9 April 2009



it is already 3 o'clock in the morning. I haven't sleep yet. yup! this is all because of my own fault. so. here's the story..
anyone who got the offer for the interview has to write an essay more than 300 words. actually, there is a month to write it but i choose to write in the last minute. my mom was so pissed. is my fault. i admit it. i supposed to write it in last few weeks where i can write in peace and slowly. but, now i have to suffer stay up all night only to do this.(huhu..i'm tired already..)

at last, i'm done!(what a relief..fewh~) it takes a lot of courage and music..!(haha)

you know what, i do believe things happen for reasons. as i open tv, there is my favourite team,CHELSEA play vs the reds, LIVERPOOL. i dont know what is the result but at this particular time, chelsea is in the front with 3-1. GO CHELSEA!!!

the effect of hiro's news is still there. no matter what, i will support you,hiro-kun. i think i could officially announce myself as a hirofreak. hmm..think i am crazy?! yes i did.

yeah..i think hiro's stuff make myself freaking out too.

(i'm very sorry about all of the crazy-ness things)

仕事のハード! !;)
(to:temah,dura,diba and all of my friends who was/is going to interview..GUD LUCK!!)
(mie thanks for the "fighting"!!;) english is still in progress...;)


mimie said...

cheon maneyo :D everyone, fighting! ahha me too, and we'll improve it together! let's continue our language construction through the broken conversation in MSN, hahaha

silentdreamer said...

yeah mie..!!
lets get talking and conquer it..!!