Sunday, 19 April 2009



now, i am in the mood of confused and forced.*sigh* i had a problem which is requires me to make a decision but i cant think of it.!!(oh no!;(

so, i am going to ask for some help from you. tell me what to do. i appreciates soo much for your favor..(help me!)

here goes the story, i had to choose which place that i have to go to further my study. is it UNITEN or MATRIX? uniten is on 6th may and matrix is on 15th may. so, one of my friends told me that if i go to the matrix, i have to pay rm200++ and if i got offer i can choose to leave the matrix. on the other hand, if i go to uniten, the lady on the phone said bank-in rm500++ in the account and i can choose to go to the better offer.( i dont know what account but my mom does..haha)

so, from the study aspect uniten is more good because i get the course that i want but for the matrix i had to study for one year just to get offer like the uniten's. plus, one of my cousin said the course that i want (which is offered by uniten) had to learn in university because i had to do a lot of practicals and matrix didnt got that..(im sorry if the fact is mistake). but, if i go to the matrix, i will meet my high school friends.(yayy!!;)

or...the last choice..i just let go all of the offers which are uniten and matrix just for waiting the scholarship and upu. what do you think? but, if i didnt get both of the offers, where am i going to further my study? that is such a waste to wait!!

please, give me some of your thoughts!!


mimie said...

ughh now I've some dilemma just like you. NOT helping huh? i know :D

hanis said...

ni hoa ma??
bella ley datang my blog..
a bit related to the DILEMMA..
hehe.maybe kite tak tolong a lot..
but at the comment..there were some
erm..i think good comment that u can take note.
ok dear!!!(^-^)..

silentdreamer said...

mimie>> its ok..we have think harder..argghh!!

hanis>> prob n thnks!!;)