Wednesday, 8 April 2009



hmm..have you ever watch "THE BIGGEST LOSER"?? it is on hallmark channel. a few past weeks, I watched that. sometimes, i feel so jealous of them. they were so lucky. so,the show is about big fat people that have to lose weight to win the competition. in the beginning,the contestants were so big as their weight were hundreds of pounds!! every week, there is someone that has to be eliminated (just like other reality show...). in the end, not only the winner is in a great shape (or slim) but also all of the contestants. even the first one who has been eliminated!!

gosh..they are sooo lucky.!!

but the point is the effort they were put only to lose wight was soooo d*** hard.( i guess i dont want to write that..haha) what i learned from the tv show is change can be so much painful. (do you agree with that??). hey, it is not just about getting to lose weight but also change behaviour or getting a new different life. even if i moved to my new house, it still felt so hard.

hmm..what do you think?;)

anyway,speaking of losing weight. recently, i watched kbs. it is about human body and it's about lose weight too.

for those people who are trying very hard to lose weight by diet, but instead of losing, your weight keep getting bigger and bigger. most probably, you are lack of vitamins and minerals. so, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

usually, people who are on diet and become slimmer because their body uses fat to gain energy. so, that's why they getting smaller. but unfortunately, people that cannot make that,they don't have proper vitamins and minerals to allow the mitochondria( is in biology..haha)to use fat in order to produce energy.'s the tips. you can make vegetable soup on your own. this was practiced by some japanese and they said after 5 days, they feel the difference. i don't know how the difference because i did not try it..!!(haha) just get pumpkin,cabbage,carrot and onion and boil it. after that you drink the soup only..

you can try it if you want..;)

( i just dont know why i want to write this...haha)
...which pictures look more delicious?? ;)

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