Saturday, 25 April 2009



hi there!! nice day? hmm..i want to tell my awesome experience today.;)
fyi, now my mom is in langkawi because she had to attend a course for this whole weekend. she will come back to kl tomorrow. so, here in my house, there are just me, my dad and my little sister, jia. because i'm not good in cooking, as usual,when my mom is not around, we will have food in stall or restaurant (i know i am bad daughter..haha).

so, the story is this evening, my dad and i decided to make cekodok. this is our first time..(sound silly?) i know many people around my age almost can cook everything. plus, some of my friends are very good in cooking. after i called my mom to get the recipe, me and my dad sit together in the kitchen try to make it. at first, we thought our cekodok will be like cucur (flat and yellowish). fortunately, the cekodok is a huge success!! it's sooo good as my dad said our cekodok just like my mom did. even jia admit it too. we are so happy. we had such a great time together.

but just like my every first trial, everything is not perfect. the shape of the food is not round enough. but I dont care about that. as long as everyone enjoy the food..(haha)

alright, then. that's all for today. see ya!!;)


mimie said...

nak cekodok bella!

silentdreamer said...

cekodok satu untuk mimie siap!!
kalo nak datang la umah...

seribu satu kenangan said...

umah kita dkat gak an? bleh ar anta cni cekodok yg ko uat...hehhehe:)

silentdreamer said...

ok izni..
nanti kte anta..