Monday, 3 October 2011



That's why I think about myself today. arghh! I'm such a weak person. I feel like crying now but no, I will not! This problem is torturing me like hell and yah, I know there's something that Allah wants to teach me behind this matter. It already reaches 3 weeks now and it has not been solved yet!! Such a perfect problem sounds to me!

O Allah, I have been patient for 3 weeks and I will always be patient for whatever You gave to me. I'm not complaining what You gave me but I cannot control this feeling. 3 weeks is such a lonngg time! Dear Bella, please hold yourself a little bit stronger. Yes, I will!!

I dont know. Astghfirullahal 'Azimmm...

Maybe there's something wrong with me! Even, being alone in this house without any external disturbance but still I cannot take care of my iman with a good care. Allah always has His own plan to make us better days by days. I believe in that!! 

Bella, keep waiting and keep being patient with the problem.

Only Allah who can solve the matter. No one else can. and I pray hard to Allah..please ya Allah!! Help me solve this problem! Sometimes, I just cant make myself comfortable with what happened. T_T 

How I wish I can be a strong person like the Prophet S.A.W!!! >_<

"Apabila hidupmu tidak ceria di pagi hari… Mungkin kerana dosa, jadi bertaubatlah. 
Mungkin kerana kurang memberi… jadilah berilah salam dan senyuman. 
Mungkin kerana marah.. jadi berilah kemaafan. Mungkin kerana lalai… Berzikirlah. 
Mungkin kerana takut, bimbang… Berdoa dan berzikirlah. Carilah teman dalam hidup, sebaik2 teman adalah Al Quran." 
[ Pahrol Mohd Juoi ]



chal said...


hugs and prayers from warwick

silentdreamer said...


jazakillahu jannah for the hugs and prayers..huuhu

aunihannan said...

bella, kuat bella..

silentdreamer said...

ye auni ye!! doakn akuuuuu >_<