Tuesday, 18 May 2010


there's a long way to go to catch our goal..aja2 fighting!


entri ini ditujukan untuk kawan2ku yang 'chromosome'nya XX. XY tak payah baca.

my dearest sisters..
it's good to know that all of us had already know the meaning of life
and you have to know that
it's not easy to get this kind of chance
once we're letting it go
then we will never meet it

this meaning
this feeling
this 'new thing'
just like what you said
it's always come back to yourself
come back to your own basic
true basic
which is

so, now..
we're already know how the sweetness is
we're already feel it!
one thing to remind
dont lose it!!
cause it's hard to find again..!

be your 'true' self!!
no force from everyone
just between you and your GOD

my dear..
be strong!!
lift yourself up!!
as everyone is doing the same thing
everyone is looking for the same aim
same goal..
fight for it!
HE knows what you are trying to do
what we are trying to achieve

may ALLAH bless us...

"maka ingatlah kepada-KU , AKU pun akan ingat kepadamu. bersyukurlah kepada-KU, dan janganlah kamu ingkar kepada-KU"  2:152


umai said...


silentdreamer said...

we try together rite??

DuRRaTun NaSUha said...

waa...akak cam nak nanges..plak...huhu.. ;)