Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you!

Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for everything. ^_^

Well, this post was inspired by what happened yesterday at my kampong in Pahang. That morning, I was in the kitchen, helping my mother and my grandmother to make breakfast. While we were doing that, we listened to "Tanyalah Ustaz" in TV9. The Ustaz told the audience that once the husband enters the jannah, he will automatically find her wife, But then, my grandmother asked, "What if the husband has 3 wives?". No answers from the Ustaz, obvioulsy right?! haha. (Okay, that's not the point..sorry)

After that, the Ustaz told a story where Prophet Muhammad said to an old lady that there will be no elders in the Jannah. I'm sure you know the story right? Or if you didn't, let me tell you. So, the old lady felt so sad cause she thought she didn't have the chance to enter the Jannah. Then, the Prophet s.a.w said (this is no the exact sentence), actually everyone that enters Jannah is a young beautiful/handsome person. Even though he/she dies at an old age, if she/he enters the Jannah, she/he will be young again. And this time it's for EVER!!!

That's when I thought of why do I have to spend or I can say, waste a lot of time to think about how to be beautiful. Cause to be beautiful in this world is just for a short time. I know, we girls, really like to be beautiful. Whenever we see any woman/lady that is so stunning or very pretty, automatically we have this enthusiasm to be like that person. To be beautiful too. 

But, know this, one tip that I discover to be beautiful forever is just in front of our eyes. No, we don't have to extremely sacrifice ourselves for dieting or having a surgery to look younger. It is just working out to get ourselves a victory in the Hereafter. The true-est awesome fantastic victory which are Mardhatillah or Ridha from Allah and that's ultimately confirm us to be in Jannah, and automatically a yes to be awesomely beautiful for eternity. 

Think again. Why don't we waste our energy, our time, our thoughts with something that is for a short term period of time. Why don't we just focusing of our time to put everything that we have for the sake of Allah. In fact, in this Dunya, we are beautiful in our own way. To really fulfill the criteria of public definition of beautiful is something ridiculous cause you'll never can satisfy people's perception. So, why don't we put all the extra hard works to make Allah loves us. That's a perfect deed, right?! 

InsyaAllah I'm reminding myself and my dear readers to check back ourselves again. What have we done with all of our time before? Struggling everything just for Dunya or struggling everything for Allah. Like what my sister in Islam said, "If we chase the World, we only get the World. But if we chase Hereafter, we get the best of both world." 

InsyaAllah, come on, let's get ourselves to be beautiful in Jannah! ^_^ 

To be a Great Muslim is the way to be beautiful forever.


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