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Salam Jumaah or we, Malays say, Jumaat (#justsaying) to all of you!

Anyway, this post is inspired by one of my friends' blog. [HERE] Some sort like writing a letter to yourself in the past. So, if you want to read it, my pleasure.. if you aren't going to, simply say thanks so much for coming ^_^


Dear 12 years old me, 

You worked so hard to get 5As for your UPSR exam and I know how you feel when your mother start talking to people about you're just finished it and praying that you'll get 5As. The fear that you will make you mother's hope breaks and feel sad always playing in your head like your favourite Avril's songs. Don't worry you'll get what you aimed for. Plus, please dear, just be yourself! You are the best just the way you are. You don't need to refer your "up-to-date" friend as a perfect person! Let me tell you, when you're 20, you're wayyy luckier than your used-to-be perfect person. 

Dear 13 years old me, 

Welcome to a new world! A hostel life promises you with so many great memories and also some bad ones. Seniors, yes, sometimes they can get worse, but just stay nice to them. InsyaAllah they will be nice to you. Remember, we're Muslims and Muslims are very loving to each other. Collect every memories that you made with your friends. What can I say, secondary school is the best place for you to learn new things in your life. You'll know what is friendship, seniority and everything else. About the homesick, don't worry! After quite some times, you heal :)

Dear 14 years old me, 

Well, everything gets better, isn't it? Haha. You're having fun with your friends, aren't you? I know that you're really enjoy to be there in your secondary school. But I guess I need to tell you some advice.. To tell something. This year, one of your friends will get you to know with one thing that will be one of your most "hardcore" jahilyyah - your Japanese Korean addiction. Yes, you'll learn to watch the JK drama and after that you'll get addicted to it for the next 6 years! I know it somehow help you to stay away from more serious haram problem which is lovey-dovey-teenagers-thingy by just concentrating every spotlight of yourself to your favorite Japanese Korean actors. But, to tell you the truth, you're just ruin yourself deeply. I know you're not understand it now but please.. get something else that can keep you closer to Allah. Not JK things! Why don't you start by looking for Baba Ali's video (i think this year, he's already uploaded his videos) or you can start looking for some islamic writings and poem! Yup, in 2011, you'll know that actually you have this kind of interest in poems. If you learn islamic poems from now, I bet you can be a superb Muslim poet in 2011. Try go for Rumi and other Muslims poet. 

Dear 15 years old me, 

Feeling nervous much for your PMR this year, huh?! Just do what you need to do. InsyaAllah Allah will give you the best result for you. Don't forget to put every effort that you have just for the sake of Allah. You want to succeed just because of Allah. Because Allah has given every single nikmat in our life, so why don't we just tire ourselves for Him even though we cannot afford to give back what Allah gave us. Just be nice to everyone okay.. One more, why don't you try to search for more story about Our Great Leader, Prophet Muhammad? I swear it will be a great idea cause all the story that you've heard about Rasulullah in your school is just small portion of his whole life. Not to forget about his cool and awesome companions and other superb leaders of Islamic history like Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh and Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi. Remember that, okay?!

Dear 16 years old me,

Congratulations for your PMR result!! Don't forget to say Alhamdulillah.. ^_^. Now, it's your so-called 'honeymoon' year. Seriously, you need to study cause it would be a lot of burden if you have to study 2 years syllabus in just one year. I know you are a grown-up, you know what is good and what is bad to you and your future, but your just-friend-relationship that you have with opposite gender is just a waste of time. I'm not mocking you, dear. But I know you know that you'll end up nothing with him. You are just playing around with someone that actually has a free time to contact you. I know you are a great girl and deep inside, you're really want to be a great person with a great personality. So, dear, from what I see now, that the great person that you dream to be is a true Muslim. One who has a great attachment to Allah is indeed a great awesome person in the world! I want you to know this cause, in the future, you'll discover great personalities which their BIG secret is just to have a great relationship with Allah, then Allah will take care everything in your life. I love you so much that I tell you this whole thing.

Dear 17 years old me,

Okay, let me guess, you're in the middle of worrying about your SPM, right? I know cause I've been that position. Haha. You are very determined to excel in your SPM that you have a book that you filled with your goals which are to get Petronas Scholarship in Engineering, Study Abroad in UK and get yourself on "Salam Perantau" column. You looked at your goals everyday in the morning because it never failed to give you the strength to hold yourself up. Just working and putting the effort, insyaAllah you'll kinda achieve one of your goals in 2012 - Study Abroad! One more thing, just live the hostel life with your friends to the fullest! It's your senior year and the last year you wears your uniform! If something bad happens, try to ignore it as much as you can and work for your goals. InsyaAllah you'll excel in your SPM!

Dear 18 years old me,

I recommend you to spend your holidays with something more benefit. Attaching yourself with all these Japanese Korean thingy is a major big mistake. Even, in this unemployed period, you reached the climax of your JK fever. Most of the time of the day you'll spend watching JK dramas and movies, and even every your blog posts have JK elements. Try search for Maher Zain and Sami Yusuf or discover about Muslim's life in other countries. Use your internet to get to know how's the Muslims live everyday in different countries and you'll know what the reality is! This year you'll start a new phase of your life. You'll get yourself in something that you can never think of! IB will teach you many new things especially hardship and courage. I know you'll get stress so much with it but remember, in your college, you will find one of the most great things happen in your life. So, just go through the challenges and get a right crowd to be friend of. You have to make a right choice and try to join every Islamic activities that you'll know there cause that's actually determines your way of thinking and your inner-self.

Dear 19 years old me,

I know now you know why I've been putting up elements of Islam in every letters that I wrote. Congratulations for what you did! You now already met the most amazing feeling in your life - to feel the love of Allah. Yes, I know it's so stunningly beautiful. You really have to say Alhamdulillah many many times cause after this you'll realize there are abundance of nikmat or gifts that Allah presented for us. One short notes to you ; go for what you believe cause Allah knows what's the best for you!

Dear 20 years old me,

IB exam is just 5 months away and I know exactly how nervous you are. This period of time, you'll always think about your future. Do I survive IB? Do I have the chance to study abroad? How can I balance all these stuffs? and the list goes on.. One thing that I want you to bear in mind; always keep in touch with Allah. You have beautiful sisters that will always lend you shoulders, keep tracking of yourselves and trying the best they can to keep you in this road to chase Allah's love. After this, you'll always missing them so much and really pray that one day Allah will gather all of us together back. Just keep moving for the sake of Allah.


Somehow, I reflect that Allah has given me soo much gifts and I never can stop saying Thank You Allah for always be in my side and keep guiding me until this time. I need to work harder and harder cause I want to feel the greatest feeling in Jannah later. O Allah, please guide me and all muslims forever!

p/s: this post is actually takes 6 days cause I dont have many times to write a long post.

Peace out!

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