Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you!

First, let's begin with Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for everything that You did to me :)


Last night just came back from Perlis for my family's funeral. Tok Cik Aishah to be precise. She passed away in the evening of Monday and buried on the morning of Tuesday. Yes, I'm not really close to her but whenever me and my family went to Perlis, we always visit her family. Her husband is actually my grandfather or Wan's youngest brother. So, the last time I met her was during the last weeks of December 2011. Yup, just 3 weeks ago, approximately. 

It was the first time I visit a full funeral. From A to Z. A lot of things that I saw yesterday. From tears and sadness until being strong and calm. Yup, I could say that everyone's being strong and calm. Even when the part kissing the jenazah, all her family members were very strong holding their tears back. Behind those swollen red teary eyes, who knows how many walls of courage they had to put? 

Even until last night, my minds kept playing images of her- talking about her condition, her children which clearly taken from my old visits memories. My mother once told me that if we are thinking about people who already dead, why don't we recite Surah Al-Fatihah for them. 

Like what Makngah said yesterday, 

"She already reach the next level of 'life' (- Alam Barzakh). We are the next ones-to-be. No one of us knows when is our time.." 

Yup, simply put, we have to always remember death for the sake of our good in the Hereafter!


Move on..

InsyaAllah the flight has been confirmed. InsyaAllah on the 18th of February I'll fly to Auckland at 9.50pm. Seriously, I am very very very nervous to think of that. It's not just because I'm about to live in a whole new place and to study in a place that I have no experience, maybe because of I have not fully prepared for it. There's a lot of things that I worried, not just academically things but also the dakwah part. I admit there's many books that I haven't finish yet. To be honest, 7 months of holiday is not enough! huhu..

But, it's okay. I believe Allah had put the best things and preparation for the next life in Auckland. Mariam once told me that we need to prepare not only for the next 4 years in life (which is my oversea's life) but we need to be fully prepared for the next long-life after that; my whole life in Malaysia. I have to think about it to make sure what I aimed for happens which to be an improving true muslim everday :) insyaAllah..

Pray for me, readers. There's a little excitement there but major anxious that I feel! hoho :O

okey, peace out, people!!


aunihannan said...

bella...^^ i know u r strong! hee

silentdreamer said...

auni, jazakillah :) hope so..