Thursday, 26 January 2012


"Silver Lining" by Silentdreamer.

Whenever the sun is reaching for the sky,
there will always be a time for it to fall down
Whenever the daylight is speeding to dusk,
there will always appears the night, slowly continues the row.

Remember, challenges come and go.
In every dark blindly road,
it always has its edge of light.
Like what the people define the metamorphosis,
the silent small seed will eventually turns to a stunning blossom.

My dear me,
If huge waves gush you out hardly,
If angry storms suffocate you wildly,
Or even if the harmony tunes radiates your smile happily,
and that fresh air you breathe can never be so calmly before.
Remember, whatever you feel,
is always changing,
from time to time.
It is outside your monitor box.
In fact, it is controlled by the Most Merciful God.

So, do not waste your time to restrain your feeling
He knows the best of what you have to feel.
Do not bother too much with what comes and goes,
cause it is just a sign that He always loves you more.

Thank you Allah for everything.
Alhamdulillah! All praises to Allah.. :)

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