Sunday, 8 January 2012


"The Strength of The Memories" by Silentdreamer.

The clock's ticking like a brave patriot,
loyally moves without any fear of what it faces through,
and I,
here I am,
lost in a place that I made myself for.

This new journey prepares me with so many waves to encounter,
so many gems that I should pick,
but yet,
I am lost in that state of the battle,
thinking of all of you, my dear sisters.

Remember this one day,
when everyone had our own bricks to break,
surely, we broke the bricks together.
I still remember clearly,
that days of us,
our days of struggling with many challenges,
we have everyone that multiplies our multiplied courage,
we even get stronger days by days.

And now,
I'm alone here,
in this solitary space,
fighting with my emotions to lift my own soul
and wasting a moment,
thinking of all of you to enrich the memories of us.

For this moment and later,
I believe,
deep inside in everyone of us,
having the same song of feeling that plays from time to time,
but never mind,
Allah is the best planner, right?

Oh my dear sisters,
shall we
strive together with our 'borrowed' souls for the sake of Allah..?



atTahirah said...

beautifully narrated!

silentdreamer said...

thank you n jazakillah akak :)
saya bdk baru belajar.