Tuesday, 10 January 2012


"Open The Quran! Read The Quran! And let Allah speak to you!"

"Allah will do it for you..Allow His book to touch the heart..."

"And insyaAllah.."

"Allow Allah to talk to you..And He's talking to you, in the Qur'an"

"He's talking to you, and me and to every passerby in the street.. Let Him talk to you"

"And you will not be able to sit on your back side doing nothing..waiting the other people to come and make a mess of you."

"To use you as a punching bag, to use you as a doormat.. to make a mess on your head!"

"IS THAT YOUR ROLE? Allah says no.."

"And enough is Allah as a witness to this FACT..that He's going to make HIS DEEN to prevail..."

"It's a privilege Allah has given you.. Take it!"

[One of the Ahmad Deedat's Speeches]


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