Sunday, 1 January 2012



So many days I left my blog without any sorry. Actually, it was quite busy holiday I had plus, I dont bring laptop while I was on vacation. But now, Alhamdulillah, vacation done. Just got back from my kampong in Perlis a few hours ago and tonight, I have to repack my things to go to Bangi tomorrow for a program. InsyaAllah, I hope Allah will give me continuos reminders and new things to learn more and more about myself and Him. hee.

Yup, I thought I was not going to write anything but since I have the chance, why dont I just write something, right? :) But still, I have to write for a short post cause my repack is not done yet. There are 5 T-shirts that have to be settled on.

Actually, I really want to write about my vacation because there's so much new things I learnt and discovered, but I think it's not the time now. InsyaAllah I'll write later in one special post about that. Just a brief, I've been to Singapore for 2 days, then went to Indonesia for 6 days and after that headed to my favorite kampongs, both in Pahang and Perlis for about 6 days. and InsyaAllah tomorrow to Bangi for 2 days and last would be Gombak. 

Well, it's already 2012. A new year. Alhamdulillah tonight Allah taught me about something. 

Sometimes, I wonder how my years in New Zealand would be? Is it okay? Is it bad or better or even great? I dont know. But, when I see many of my friends are very very wayy better than themselves before in college, I started to feel excited to be apart of that incoming journey. From what I see, they'd become soo brave and strong as they learnt sooo much things. New things. Can I say that I am envy with them? Totally envy!!

But, I'm sure what they had learn are not something that easy peasy to face. It takes enormous courage, sacrifices, sweat, tears and I dont know if it has to do with blood (?) or maybe, it has? So good to see people are really working just for sake of serving Allah. They are like a child who started to run but me, still a baby trying to stand up with his own feet. T_T 

InsyaAllah with new place, new people, new atmosphere, new you-name-it, I'll try my best to make sure that I become one of those Great Quranic Generation like those Companions of the Prophet S.A.W. I hope that Allah will keep reminding me and always forgive my tonnes and tonnes continuing sins. I dream to be one of Your syahid, Ya Allah. Allahumma fighlana bi khusnil khatimah! amin. 

Now, I have to prepare as many as I can so that I can easily adapt with the new things in NZ. Then, I can start my engine as earlier as possible. The most important is to take care my iman and taqwa. InsyaAllah...

Everyday, I dream to be one of those Great Servants of Yours
and that everyday, I have to put the efforts to be what I always dream on
So, dream and work for it, bella! 

Okay, really got to go! 
Peace be upon you, readers :)

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