Friday, 3 February 2012


What a great feeling when I heard the highly-spirited voice, talking about how important we have to be 'Ibadurrahman (Slaves of The Most Gracious), the Rabbani people. Oh, every time I heard the voice, the feeling was such a bless. I feel lucky, sad, repent and so much more. Alhamdulillah Allah, for giving me a chance to learn a lot this week. There shall be no things that I can repay Your gifts except for Alhamdulillah and a little effort. 

Just hearing the voice makes something happens in my heart. Something that makes me feel sad, wanting to cry. How can a person who is so old and have to be helped when he walks can do all this dakwah with a great spirit! That day, I don't saw an old man but I saw a very energetic slave of Allah who did everything that he can for the sake of Allah. I feel so shame to complain for every trials that Allah tested me. T_T

To listen to the lecture, masyaAllah! A very deep and self-reflecting lecture. Indeed, it is a need for me to do everything that I can to have the blessings and strength from Allah. DO EVERYTHING, BELLA! Qiam especially T_T. Only Allah can give the inner strength that every 'Ibadurrahman has. Start working and working to build your inner strength! O Allah, only to You, I beg the strength and iman! T_T

This is not a playful things that we did. This is something for the sake of Allah. 

To be the strong person, we must be the strong 'abid. Everything goes back to the basic ; relationship between you and Allah. If it's strong, then you are a true strong Muslim. If not, you are just like a robot that can be broken anytime. 

One of the things that I love to point out from the session is one of the people ask a question, "What do you think of Malaysia, can Malaysia be like Egypt who already reach the Daulah Islamiyah stage looking at the political situation in Malaysia now?" A very interesting answer that I remember the most from the session is;

"Do not look at what people (Ikhwanul Muslimin) have achieved but look at how many has Ikhwan put the effort, how much things, money, lives etc. that they had sacrificed for the sake of Allah and Islam. It is not the result that we compared of but the works and efforts." heart cries to hear that. T_T

How many efforts that already we work? How many? Yes, we can dream to be like them but the crucial that we need to do now is to move and work hard. 

Reflecting myself, I can say, it would take a long journey to be those rabbaniyin but insyaAllah, I am taking baby steps to be one of them and I pray that it is consistently happens. T_T

May Allah bless the speaker..and give all of Muslim the awareness to always strive to have an everlasting deep relationship with Allah. Then, we can be like those Great Quranic Generation that we know.

May Allah bless you, my readers :) Thanks for reading. 

p/s: the question and answer are not in the exact words.  


anisa said...

(^^,) jzkk, bella chan...mari membina jiwa rabbani...

silentdreamer said...

waiyyaki choy-chan!! jom! jom! jgn lupakn doakn ukht awak sorg di nz ni..huhu.