Saturday, 23 October 2010


alhamdulillah. now, i want to tell the world that i feel soooo great to be His servant!! can you hear me?! yes, that's what i want to say.

alhamdulillah ya rabbal 'alamin!!
everything's turned out well. no more worries.
frankly, throughout this week, i feel so blessed.

at first, this week was the one of the most challenging where there were many things happened that made me feel soo tense and sad. where Allah made it just for me to meet up with HIM. Allah made this to make sure that i can meet HIM everyday in a very meaningful meeting (or should i say 'dating'?) a very very very meaningful one!!!!!!!!!

(listening to alhamdulillah - maher zain really suit to the atmosphere)

thank you Allah.! because of the 'challenge' You gave, inside it, i found the key of life.

to depend on You.
to tell You everything i want to say.
to cry just for You.

and what You did to me is something that i cannot pay back at all. despite all the gift of life, You give me a 'calm soul' which i can say one of the BEST blessings. You also taught me about TAWAKKAL through my friends. and until now, i'll try to hold it on even though it's a tough thing to do.

alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.

i feel so lucky to feel Your love. and at the same time, i feel so sad to see people who even didn't know the existence of Your love. and i pray to You, Ya Allah, let every single person on this earth to feel YOUR LOVE. so that, i can share this feeling with everyone!! amin. ^_^

please, ya Allah! istajib du'a ana...-_-

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